Steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900.00

Steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900.00
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Fix Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900.00

Fixing a Lexmark printer firmware error 900.00 can be a complex task, but with the right approach, you can resolve the issue and get your printer back up and running. Firmware errors often arise due to corrupted software or communication issues between the printer and connected devices. In this guide, we will outline the steps to fix the Lexmark printer firmware error 900.00 in a comprehensive manner.

Step 1: Understand the Error

 Before attempting any fixes, it's crucial to understand the error message. Error code 900.00 indicates a firmware communication error between the printer and its connected devices. It can occur due to various reasons, such as corrupted firmware files, improper firmware updates, or hardware conflicts.

Step 2: Restart the Printer

 A simple restart can sometimes resolve firmware errors. Turn off the Lexmark printer, disconnect it from the power source, and wait for a few minutes. Reconnect the printer to power and turn it on. This can clear any temporary glitches that might be causing the error.

Step 3: Check Connections

Ensure that all cables connecting the printer to your computer or network are securely plugged in. Loose or damaged cables can lead to communication errors. If your printer is connected wirelessly, make sure it's properly connected to the network.

Step 4: Update Firmware

Outdated or corrupted firmware can cause various errors, including the 900.00 error. Visit the Lexmark official website and locate the latest firmware update for your printer model. Follow the provided instructions to download and install the firmware update. Make sure to follow the installation process carefully to avoid any interruptions that could potentially cause more issues.

Step 5: Hard Reset

Perform a hard reset on your Lexmark printer. To do this, turn off the printer, disconnect it from power, and disconnect any connected cables. Wait for a few minutes, then reconnect everything and turn the printer back on. This can help reset the printer's internal settings and potentially resolve the error.

Step 6: Clear Print Queue

A large print queue can sometimes cause communication errors. Clear the print queue on your computer and restart both the computer and the printer. This can help eliminate any print job conflicts that might be contributing to the firmware error.

Step 7: Disable Firewall/Antivirus

In some cases, security software like firewalls or antivirus programs can block communication between the printer and your computer. Temporarily disable such software and check if the error persists. Remember to re-enable them after troubleshooting.

Step 8: Perform a Factory Reset

 If none of the above steps work, consider performing a factory reset on your Lexmark printer. Refer to your printer's user manual or the Lexmark website for instructions on how to perform a factory reset. Keep in mind that this step will reset all printer settings to their default values.

Step 9: Contact Lexmark Support

 If the error still persists after trying all the above steps, it's advisable to contact Lexmark's customer support. They can provide you with more specific guidance based on your printer model and the nature of the error. Be prepared to provide them with detailed information about the error and the steps you've already taken to troubleshoot it.


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