Steps to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in Pakistan

Steps to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in Pakistan
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03 November 2022

I will talk about how to start a blog in Pakistan in this article. I'll guide you through the steps of starting a blog as a beginner and how to become a blogger. The best way to make passive income online while lounging at home is through blogging. Blogging is the best method of generating passive income because it allows you to make money online whether you're awake or asleep. You will know everything there is to know about blogging after reading this article, and you will be able to launch a blog. So let's start this article to know the steps to start a blog and make money online in Pakistan.

How Can A Person Begin Blogging?

For you to understand it better, we will go over it step-by-step. How to start a blog will be covered first, followed by how to write your first post. I'll also share with you a free method for starting a blog.

How to Create a Blog

These actions fall into two categories:

  • Developing a Blog
  • posting a blog entry
  • Website Display on Google
  • Developing a Blog

Three steps will be taken to create a blog.

  • Choose a niche
  • obtain a domain name and hosting
  • establishing a blog
  1. Choose a Niche

Choosing a niche for your blog entails selecting a specific subject that you want to cover in it. So it is up to you. Pick a subject that you are an expert in so that people can visit your website and seek your advice on it.

  1. Obtain a domain name and hosting

First and foremost, the domain is the name of the website you are editing. Without my consent, no one else may use this name for their website. For people to find your blog on a search engine using that specific name, you must buy a domain name for your blogging website. The second step is to buy quality hosting. Your website can be accessed via search engines and the World Wide Web (www) thanks to the hosting platform.


It keeps your website up to date and makes it live on Google. To make your website responsive to your visitors in pakistan and worldwide, you should have a good Pakistani web hosting. Having quality hosting aids in your Google ranking.

3-Establishing a blog

You can either hire a freelancer to help you build your blogging website or you can use WordPress to build it yourself. You can easily create a website using WordPress, I assure you. I'll advise you to try building your website.

4- Making a blog entry

You must write an article for your blog, as the name implies. But it's not that easy; you need to conduct thorough keyword research and integrate those keywords into your content by including them in headings, subheadings, and paragraphs.

Create a blog to earn money for you in rupees.

To be completely honest, having the desire to learn new things is the most crucial skill you can have for blogging. Another important component of blogging is writing or speaking (for video bloggers), but these activities are not yet common in Pakistan. Although there are some technical requirements, you can become a blogger if you know how to express yourself in a way that benefits readers. Even if you don't currently possess these abilities, you can always pick them up with practice. A small investment may be required at first, but blogging will help you build a bright future.


I hope you got a better understanding of this article. You can truly express yourself through blogging. Any topic you want to write about can be blogged about.

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