Surprising Facts Your Teeth Reveal About You

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Your teeth does more work than you expect. When you eat, talk, chew or even breathe, your teeth have a good role to play. This way, you are using your teeth countless times throughout the day. We also know that you do not look after your teeth until you come to know anything problematic about it. With our help, you can gnaw on this enlightening list that will help you know a little more about your teeth. We would ensure that you know most of the things about your teeth so that you can look after it properly as and when required.

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A tooth can come in the mouth with cavity. By now you used to think that the cavities are developed by your eating and chewing habits, but it is not so, a tooth can grow with cavity and thus, you should be looking after your teeth right from its eruption.

Cavity in your mouth cannot be handled on its own. It is one of those things that your body cannot heal and it is going to get larger with time. You need to talk to your dentist and get the decay removed within time. There is no guarantee that your tooth will grow upright, it can grow sidewards or even backwards depending upon the direction it has caught. If it is not in its upright position, you will need to undergo the treatment of braces in Kent. After all, misplaced tooth ruins the appeal of your face. The baby teeth hold space for the permanent teeth that come later and thus, you should look after them and hand on to them so that your permanent teeth get their right place when they erupt.

While we are talking about the baby teeth, they are also called deciduous teeth because they are going to fall off after some time.

We receive teeth in number, the baby teeth are 20 and the permanent teeth are 32. If you get some more or some less, it is all due to your genetics.

You should always stay away from extra sweet things because they increase the risk of generating cavities in the mouth. Talk to your orthodontist in Kent to know more about it.

The back teeth in your mouth are called molars and they are used to grind the foods when you chew it.

The crown of your tooth that you see is only one third of the entire tooth. The rest of the tooth sits under the gums.  If you want to know more about your teeth, talk to your orthodontist in Kent about it. We can offer you good treatments for your teeth.

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