Surrogacy Cost in Ghana | A Comprehensive Guide to Surrogate Mothers in Ghana

Exploring Surrogacy in Ghana: A Complete Guide to the Cost of Surrogacy in Ghana

The technique of ART (assisted reproductive technique) is used in the surrogacy procedure. If a couple is not able to conceive a child naturally because of any infertility issue, they should research the best surrogacy agencies in Ghana. Surrogacy treatment is a lifeline for those who want to experience their dream of becoming an intended parent. Thus, many couples from different countries choose surrogacy treatment in Ghana for better outcomes in their pregnancies. However foreign patients who live outside of Ghana need to travel from their country, which will increase the cost of surrogacy in Ghana. So how much exactly does surrogacy cost in Ghana?

The surrogacy procedure in Ghana is much cheaper than in other developing and developed countries. The best surrogacy agency in Ghana is World Fertility Services, as it offers the best pregnancy outcomes for the intended parents. The cost of surrogacy in Ghana is between USD 30,000 and USD 40,000. But this cost can fluctuate depending on factors such as the cause of infertility, previous failed IVF cycles, the age of the intending parents, and so on. If a patient is facing menopause, then they can experience IVF cycle failures, and as a result, the chances of conceiving a baby will be decreased, which will impact their budget. If a couple doesn`t want to transfer their genetic or hereditary disease to the child, they can research the best surrogacy agencies in Ghana. Here is the cost of surrogacy in Ghana`s cities and old towns:

Surrogacy cost in Ghana

                                                Charges in USD


                                USD 35,000 – USD 38,000

Medina Estates

                                USD 34,900 – USD 37,900


                                USD 35,000 – USD 38,000


                                USD 35,200 – USD 37,800

Teshi Old Town

                                USD 32,000 – USD 35,000


                                USD 36,000 – USD 38,000


                                USD 34,000 – USD 38,000


                                USD 34,000 – USD 38,000

Cape Coast

                                USD 34,000 – USD 38,000


                                USD 35,200 – USD 37,800


                                USD 36,000 – USD 37,000


                                USD 36,000 – USD 37,000


                                USD 35,100 – USD 37,900


                                USD 33,000 – USD 36,000


                                USD 33,000 – USD 36,000


                                USD 35,000 – USD 38,000


                                USD 36,000 – USD 37,000


                                USD 35,100 – USD 37,900


                                USD 36,000 – USD 37,000


                                USD 36,000 – USD 37,000

Surrogacy hospitals in Ghana offer excellent and experienced doctors, qualified medical staff, equipment, and services, which increase the chances of surrogacy procedures. Top surrogacy hospitals in Ghana offer numerous services such as regular checkups, egg donation, sperm donation, ultrasounds, vaginal ultrasounds, embryo transfers, and IVF treatment, which may increase the cost of surrogacy in Ghana. The cost of surrogacy in Ghana can also vary if the clinic and the doctor are reputed to have good reviews. The intended couple should always research the success rate of the clinic and the facilities they provide. They should even consider the equipment and the qualifications of the medical staff of the surrogacy hospitals in Ghana. Surrogacy agencies in Ghana will also take care of the legal agreements required between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. The legal documents and the agreements are required to eliminate any rights over the baby after the pregnancy.

Who is a surrogate mother in Ghana? What does a surrogate mother cost in Ghana?

A surrogate mother in Ghana will carry the child of the intended parent in her womb until the birth of the baby. The couple who is looking and searching for a surrogate mother in Ghana to experience and fulfill their dream of becoming parents should try to find different surrogacy agencies in Ghana. Females who have missing, blocked, or damaged fallopian tubes can look for a surrogate mother in Ghana, which will increase their total expenditure. When finding a surrogate mother in Ghana, one should research someone who is non-alcoholic, non-smoker, drug-free, and not addicted to any abuse. A surrogate mother should be fit, healthy, young, and in her late 20s without any genetic or hereditary diseases. She should have experienced pregnancy or surrogacy previously. The surrogate mother cost in Ghana is much more affordable than in Western countries. Here is the surrogate mother cost in Ghana:


                                                      Cost in    USD

Surrogacy with donor eggs

                                USD 36,000 – USD 40,000

Surrogacy with self-gametes

                                USD 35,000 – USD 38,000

Donor eggs

                                USD 1000 – USD 1200

Surrogacy with donor sperm

                                USD 35,500 – USD 38,600

Donor sperm

                                USD 500 – USD 600

The cost of surrogacy treatment may increase the total budget of the intended parents. However, there are several factors that can increase the intended parent`s total expenses. If the female partner is older, the quality and quantity of the eggs decrease. This can impact the overall surrogacy cost in Ghana for the intended parents. The doctors need to test the health of the intended parents by performing various tests and checkups, which will increase the total expenditure of the intended parents while visiting surrogacy agencies in Ghana. This will help the doctor understand better the patient`s and their gamete's quality and quantity. If the doctor is recommending an egg donor or sperm donor, then in that scenario, the cost of surrogacy in Ghana is affected. Even some of the patients have to freeze eggs, which increases the surrogacy cost in Ghana.

Who can get IVF treatment in Ghana?

If the intended parents are facing infertility, it will impact their expenditure while visiting different surrogacy agencies in Ghana. If the cause of infertility is challenging, then it will raise the total expense of fertility medications. Surrogacy treatment is a better option as it bypasses fallopian tubes. Males who have poor-quality sperm and female partners who have poor-quality eggs are the right candidates and can look for surrogacy hospitals in Ghana. Females who have experienced multiple unsuccessful pregnancies or miscarriages should research different surrogacy agencies in Ghana. Female partners who are dealing with uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovulation disorders, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), tubal diseases, untreated Chlamydia or gonorrhea, or ovarian cysts are helped by surrogacy agencies in Ghana. Male partners who are facing problems of ejaculation disorders, mumps, counts of sperm, malformed sperm, varicocele, and sperm mobility are helped in the surrogacy hospitals in Ghana. One should keep in mind that the overall surrogacy cost in Ghana can fluctuate if a couple needs more fertility medications or drugs to trigger ovaries. If a couple is recommended for therapies such as IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection) and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), it may impact their budget. Some intended parents have challenging problems, which will surely increase the surrogacy cost in Ghana. 

What is Surrogacy, and what are its procedures?

In the gestational procedure, a couple needs a healthy surrogate mother when the uterus or womb of the intended parent is not strong enough to conceive a healthy baby due to previous miscarriages or any other infertility problems. One should research the best surrogacy agencies in Ghana to find the perfect surrogate mother for the surrogacy. With the help of first-class methods and techniques, surrogacy agencies will guide you to becoming a successful parent. 

In a gestational surrogacy procedure, the mother`s egg will be collected from the ovary and then mixed with the intended father`s sperm to form a fertilized egg. With the help of medical processes, mature eggs are fertilized, called embryos. This procedure is done in a laboratory outside the human body, which will later be implanted in the surrogate`s uterus to develop a pregnancy. This process takes 6-8 weeks to get the best pregnancy outcomes. The baby is not linked to the surrogate mother genetically or biologically. Here are the detailed surrogacy steps involved in the whole cycle:

Medical Tests: The experts will guide you through several tests to determine your ability to become pregnant. They will check your fertility and recommend an ultrasound, blood test, or any other necessary tests.

Surrogate Mother: The intended couple should research the surrogate mother`s medical history and her health issues before going through the surrogacy procedure.

Stimulation: COH (Control Ovarian Hyperstimulation) is a process that starts with a hormonal medication booster to increase mature egg production. The fertility drugs will stimulate the ovaries and trigger the release of eggs in the uterus.

Egg Retrieval: Once the intended mother releases high-quality mature eggs, egg retrieval is performed. The expert will retrieve the eggs from the ovarian follicles of the intended mother from the uterus with the help of inserting a device called a catheter. 

Sperm Retrieval: The expert will collect a sample of semen from the intended father through ejaculation or the surgical sperm retrieval technique. Healthy sperm will be selected for the next step.

ICSI: The ICSI technique is recommended by the expert if the sperm quality of the intended father is poor. In the ICSI technique, a single spermatozoa will be injected into the egg cytoplasm.

Mixing and examining: The egg and the sperm will be combined on the Petri plate, and the healthy sperm will fertilize the mature eggs. The expert will examine the fertilization progress very closely each day to obtain a developed fertilized egg. Fertilized eggs will now be called embryos.

Transference: Healthy fertilized eggs or the embryo will be implanted into the surrogate mother`s uterus after four to five days using a catheter. 

Results: After two weeks, a blood test will be performed by the expert after the surrogacy treatment. The doctor will advise routine examinations and checkups after the surrogate`s pregnancy test is verified.

During the pregnancy, the doctor will recommend that the intended parents take care of the surrogate with emotional support.

What are the rules and laws for the surrogacy procedure in Ghana?

Ghana is a country with no laws, rules, or regulations for the surrogacy procedure. The surrogate mother in Ghana will relinquish the baby after the pregnancy without legal bindings. The surrogate mother is not linked to the baby either biologically or genetically; hence, there will be no difficulties or problems. The surrogacy agencies will take care of every legal requirement between the intended parents and the surrogate mother during or after the pregnancy. These legal requirements include an agreement and documentation which can raise the cost of surrogacy in Ghana. One should always research the legal bindings before going for a surrogacy procedure to make sure not to face any difficulties afterward and to eliminate any rights of all the parties involved in the surrogacy procedure.


Surrogacy in Ghana is a much more affordable option for couples who want to experience parenthood. The cost of surrogacy in Ghana is between USD 30,000 and USD 40,000, which depends on several factors such as the cause of infertility, the age of the intended parents, the doctor`s reputation, early menopause, previous failed IVF cycles, the clinic`s reputation, etc. It is very important to research the best surrogacy agencies in Ghana that offer the best facilities, equipment, and qualified medical staff before starting a surrogacy treatment. One should also keep in mind the legal agreements and documentation required between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. It is crucial to reach the required agreement to ensure the elimination of any rights after the pregnancy.

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