Technological Evolution of English Language

The language, English, is not what is used to be decades ago. If we bring back the old literary pieces, then we will be able to see the evident differences that persist between different versions of the same language. To state it in a simpler manner, today English is easier and is used as a mode of conversation. Hence, a lot of new words have been added to the vocabulary, a lot of abbreviations took place as well, a lot of words are used for wider meaning too, and all of it change the course of English language quite a lot.

The emergence of technology has worked like the primary instigation for this evolution of English language in modern time. The wide usage of internet and social media made the language has added different slangs and local words to English vocabulary. This change has made the language a lot more informal and easier to understand.  In this article we will briefly discuss about the tools that has caused this modern evolution of the language.

Social media

Social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram has become some of the most used social media sites as the users touched billion counts. As the users of these social media sites belong from every corner of the world having different regions, religions and languages, English here becomes the only common ground. Hence, the tough words and phrases are always made easy via communication. And the overall language has become much more informal than it originally was.

Translation tools


Translation tools have become a life-saver lately. In older times, being proficient in foreign languages was the only way to make you understand those or to communicate with a foreigner. Thanks to AI and technical advancement, the scenario is different these days. You can now translate any language to English with the help of tools like Google translate. These tools do not always provide word-to-word translation rather provides the meaning that is easier to understand. Hence, the translation of the sentence receives a wider meaning than the original.   

Online dictionaries

The online dictionaries are one of the greatest sources of help in current times. In older times people had to skim through the pages to thick dictionaries to understand the meaning of a single word. The scenario has changed because of the course of online dictionaries. You can access your favourite online dictionary from anywhere at any time. There is no need investing a lot of time in going through the pages of thick book in order to know the meaning of a specific word. You can just use your browser through your phone, open the dictionary website, type, or copy the word into the search bar and click on the search icon. The meaning and definition of the word will be presented before you within no time.

Online dictionaries like ALDictionary has made great contribution towards learning the language in an easier manner. Being easy to use has made the dictionary popular among every age group. Online dictionaries provide a ton of similar words to be used instead of the words that is being searched. Therefore, the learners learn several probable meanings for a single word. And those words are the widely used, which certainly impact the specific meaning of a specific word. This is how online dictionaries impact the evolution of English language.   

OTT Platform

Another factor to impact this evolution is the popularity of OTT platform. Just like social media the OTT platforms also have been quite popular in recent times. Those usually have shows and movies belonging to different regions available to anyone over the internet with a suitable subscription. And subtitles are always available in different languages. These subtitles are mostly written from the interpretation of spoken dialogue and not directly a translation of those. Hence, the overall meaning of the language gets vaguer than usual.


English is the global language, and it plays a huge role in this era of globalisation. Therefore, the evolution is somewhat important for binding people together via communication. In this scenario, all the credits for this modern evolution of the language go to technological advancement. All the tools that have been mentioned in this article, are important and responsible for this evolution in their own way. Hence, it can be stated that technological evolution of English language is certainly one of the helpful changes to take place in recent years.

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  1. Shawn Greene
    2 months ago

    Technology has opened up a lot of possibilities for the evolution of the English language. Professional translation services have become more accessible and accurate than ever before, making it easier to understand and communicate with people from all over the world. With the advancements in AI technology, such services continue to improve and become increasingly accurate - playing a major role in fostering an international understanding by bridging language barriers.

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