Telegram improves picture-in-picture on Android

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Telegram is a popular messaging app, this time we updated the Android app and added pictures in picture mode. This means you can now watch the video in the same window while working on other things. Telegram was previously limited to full-screen viewing, which meant that when you opened Telegram, it took up your entire screen. Now you can resize it yourself so you can watch YouTube videos while browsing Facebook or checking your email.

Make video and audio calls with people in picture-in-picture view
You can now make video and audio calls with people in picture-in-picture (PIP) view.

To do this, click the camera button in the conversation window and start the call. The person you're calling will see a bubble appear at the top of their chat window. The same thing happens if they call you - they'll see your chat bubble appear on top of them.

Telegram improves picture-in-picture on Android

You can still tap either option at any time during a call to switch between PIP and full screen mode; keep in mind that audio and video quality may be reduced when switching to PIP mode!

Improved picture-in-picture on Android
Picture-in-picture mode has been around for a while, and we're improving it with updates to make it easier to use. The update will allow you to watch videos in the background, which makes sense considering how many people want to watch videos or listen to music while they are at work.

The update will also improve notifications to make them more appropriate, and you'll be able to see when your friend's messages are before opening the chat. You can also leave out the media information if you want to leave more room on the screen.

By the way, Matthias Clasen is the CTO of Red Hat. On his blog, he wrote an article about Telegram's latest improvements to the picture-in-picture feature. "This new feature, available in Telegram for Android starting today, makes video calling even more convenient," he wrote. You can read the full article on his website.

Improved the way to run videos in a separate window
This time we've also improved the way videos are run in a separate window. While many apps offer video calling capabilities, Telegram's implementation is unique in that it allows you to interact with other apps while continuing the conversation. For example: you can watch a YouTube video or browse Netflix while talking to a person. It's a great way to multitask and want some background noise (or music) during work hours or when you're resting at home.

Link to YouTube using the video player
The release notes for Android version 4.8.10 don't say much about the video improvements, but users of the app have confirmed that it now allows you to resize the video window and has improved orientation handling. 飞机中文 have also noticed that YouTube videos don't seem to be playing in their fullscreen activities anymore, which could mean that Telegram is now using its video player for YouTube links.

How to enjoy the latest features of the Telegram app:

To check if the latest version is installed on your device, go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager.

Open Telegram, tap the menu button (looks like three horizontal lines) in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then click Check for Updates.

Get the latest version from f-droid or Google play

Picture-in-picture mode will improve your viewing experience
Picture-in-picture mode will improve your viewing experience. Picture-in-picture is a feature already implemented on iOS and has now been ported to Android for all users of Telegram 4.8.

Telegram improves picture-in-picture on Android

The feature allows you to watch videos while using other apps, even after the app is stopped (pressing the home button). You can resize the video window to your liking, watch YouTube videos in full screen mode, rotate them to landscape or portrait mode, and more!

Telegram improves picture-in-picture on Android
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That's it, now you can watch your favorite videos in picture mode on Telegram for Android. Just tap the video player, then tap again to expand it to watch at your leisure without worrying about touching your phone screen.
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