"Thank you for the unforgettable gesture"

"Thank you for the unforgettable gesture"

"Thank you for your unforgettable consideration."

On the 4th of this month, the management and players of the professional basketball team Anyang Jung-kwan-jang received an unexpected 'return report' from Lens Abando (26). Abando, who had just returned from a week-long vacation in the Philippines, expressed his gratitude with a large cup of 'specialty' coffee. No one expected Abando, who was rehabilitating from a back fracture, to return from a week-long vacation in his homeland with a 'coffee tuck' homecoming speech.

Jung Kwan-jang's team traveled to the Philippines for a group stage match in the East Asian Super League (EASL) on March 24, leaving Abando behind. It was a 'special vacation' for him to recuperate with his family and friends in his homeland, as he had been living a lonely life in Korea.

There was a story about how Abando, who returned home on the 2nd, went out for a checkup at a designated hospital on the 4th and made an extraordinary homecoming speech. He was touched by the 'surprise event' organized by the chief of staff.

During his stay in the Philippines, Abando was treated to an unexpected, celebrity-style reception. Chavit Singsong, 83, chairman of the LCS Group in the Philippines, hosted Abando, his grandmother, and his girlfriend for a dinner to encourage him.

Mr. Singsong is said to be a "tycoon" with a strong presence in Philippine political circles. The LCS Group is a conglomerate with more than 10 affiliated companies in real estate development, mining, transportation, defense, retail, and entertainment. Abando, who has been a "boy's club" athlete due to his poor family situation, was surprised to receive a special invitation from such a high-profile personality. The "surprise event" had a "heartwarming" story behind it. Mr. Heo Chul-ho (57) is the owner of Jung Kwan-jang and the head of its parent company, KGC Ginseng Corporation. In his role, Mr. Heo has had many opportunities to interact with overseas companies, and he is said to have developed a close friendship with Mr. Xing.

When Mr. Heo received a report on Mr. Abando's vacation in the Philippines, he called Mr. Singh and suggested, "Why don't you call Abando and give him some encouragement?" Mr. Singh readily accepted. In an interview with Sports Chosun, Abando said, "Chairman Singsong invited not only me but also my grandmother and girlfriend. I was so grateful that he took time out of his busy schedule to eat with us and treat us like family," he said. "It was a short period of time, but it was full of happiness. When I met the fans at the stadium, it was heartwarming to see how much they supported me even though I couldn't play, and to reunite with my grandmother and girlfriend again."

Abando, who credits the team for his recent selection to the Philippine national team "because of what we did last season on the pitch," also shared an anecdote about how "a lot of fans in the Philippines recognized me, 토토사이트 and it's funny because when I was doing photo ops with them, my girlfriend would capture it."

After receiving a diagnosis that his injuries have healed well, Abando is now preparing to return to the team, and is reportedly eager to play as soon as possible to repay the club's consideration. "Abando has a lot of jumps in the nature of his play, so we will carefully monitor his rehabilitation," said coach Kim Sang-sik.

Source: "Thank you for the unforgettable gesture"
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