The Amazing Benefits of Gift Boxes Wholesale

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01 November 2022

The Amazing Benefits of Gift Boxes Wholesale

The presentation of the product is as important as the product itself. So, how can you improve your product presentation? You can improve your product packaging if you know your target customers and what they like and dislike. Moreover, keeping up to date with the latest trends and styles will help you pack your products in an innovative way. 

And an eye-catching design of packaging attracts more and more customers. All this you can get in custom Gift boxes.

There are hundreds and thousands of brands that are delivering custom gift boxes worldwide. Standing out from them is quite tough, but with beautifully designed custom boxes, you can achieve this goal.

Benefits of Custom Gift Boxes Wholesale

Custom gift box packaging adds an artistic flair to your product. These boxes double the value of your gift and leave a lasting impression on your customers. You can customise these boxes according to your requirements. These custom boxes wholesale have logos, brand names, and other important details about gifts. Additionally, you can print names and pictures on them. 

Here are some stunning advantages of wholesale boxes 

Availability: Make Quick Deliveries

If you are running a gift-selling business, you need boxes in large quantities. So, custom boxes wholesale are the best choice. You should order boxes in bulk so that you won’t face delays in shipping due to the unavailability of boxes.

Wholesale Boxes Cost Less

You can save money by ordering gift boxes wholesale because wholesale boxes are available at a discount. Additionally, you can reduce the shipping expenses that you pay when ordering individual boxes. 

As you are aware, prices can fluctuate, but if you have a supply of boxes on hand, you won't have to worry.

Custom Gift Box Wholesale Never Get Wasted 

People think that if they order wholesale boxes, the leftover boxes will be wasted, but it's not true. Let’s understand it with an example. As Christmas is coming and you order boxes in bulk to pack the gifts. What if some boxes are left unused? Don’t worry, the new year is approaching and you can use the rest of the boxes. Furthermore, you can also use them for next Christmas. 

Longer Shelf Life of Custom Gift Box Packaging

If you are worried that leftover boxes will get fungus, moisture, or get torn, don’t be. While it is true that paper gift boxes get moisture or dirty after some time, and they can’t be used to pack products in them. But it's not the same for every box. If you use quality materials for packaging, then they will be long-lasting and can be used for many years.

How will you choose the best material? 

Cardboard, Kraft, Corrugated, and Rigid are the four materials that are appropriate for wholesale boxes. These are high-quality and cost-effective stocks.

  • Safe delivery is the primary concern of every business. Custom cardboard boxes assure you of a safe shipment and your customers will receive the products in the same condition as they were manufactured.  
  • The Kraft material is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is completely eco-friendly and doesn't release any harmful chemicals during the recycling process. These boxes are famous for their sturdy and durable nature. For this reason, your gift box packaging made with these materials can’t be affected by moisture or dust, which increases its shelf life
  • Rigid is well known for its premium packaging. It gives a luxurious look to gifts, whether they are ordinary or expensive. It's a little expensive but increases the value of your products.
  • The best and most long-lasting packaging material is corrugated, which has a high tear resistance and is mostly used to ship goods.  

Which Businesses Benefit the Most from Buying Wholesale Boxes?

Here are some industries that benefit from wholesale custom gift boxes. 

Firstly, the cosmetics business. Cosmetics products are sold in huge quantities on a daily basis. Let’s take an example to understand this better. According to research, a man consumes almost 2 to 3 soaps a month. By seeing this, we can analyse the sales of soaps on a daily basis. This is the same for other cosmetic products. Therefore, the manufacturer needs hundreds and thousands of boxes every day. For them, wholesale boxes are the best option.  

Second, both in Australia and internationally, there is a growing demand for bakery goods. The desserts on the dining table after meals are a favourite among food lovers. Customers don’t like to wait. If you have boxes on the spot, you can pack their product and deliver them quickly.

Moreover, the food business also needs gift boxes in bulk because there are thousands of takeaways on a daily basis. So, wholesale boxes are also the best option for them.

Customers don’t like to wait. If you have boxes on the spot, you can deliver them quickly.

Finally, the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing rapid growth and record-breaking daily sales. And this suggests that they also require boxes in large quantities to facilitate the consumers with quick service so that they may not have to bear the delay. 

Time to Sum up

In this article, I have told you how you can save money by ordering gift boxes wholesale. Wholesale boxes cost less and save you from shipping delays. Many businesses are already using them to their advantage. Bakery, cosmetics, food, and medicine are some industries that always need gift boxes in bulk. With wholesale boxes, you build trust between you and your customers because they will receive their products on time with a quality packaging.

If you are looking for a wholesale gift box retailer, then OXO Packaging is the right place for you. You can contact them at any time to place your order. Their customer support agents are available 24/7 for you. OXO Packaging is a leading packaging company in Australia. It provides free design support and free design services to its clients. It also offers free shipping on every order and a fast turnaround of 12-15 days after order confirmation.

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