Abu Dhabi International School- A Leadership in Quality International Education

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Our capacity to think, analyze, and process the world around us improves when we receive education through new and valuable information. Education can transform lives and nations by producing new knowledge, which leads to new ideas, cultures, perspectives, and solutions.

Quality education prepares individuals for personal, professional, and social development. It makes a person happy, promotes Einstein's curiosity, and fosters a well-rounded individual. At schools, teachers encourage students to take on leadership roles and positively influence those around them. 

Further, schooling can help students understand more about other cultures and regions outside the classroom. When we talk about education, the quality of schools in Abu Dhabi (UAE) ranks among the top 20 globally. 

Reach British School, Abu Dhabi, a pioneer in imparting knowledge and literacy, believes education extends beyond books. Instead, teachers and staff believe formal education should focus on acquiring the knowledge and abilities necessary to improve oneself and society.

About the Reach British School

An outstanding Abu Dhabi international school, Reach British School, was established in 2014. It provides affordable British education through the National Curriculum for England to children aged three to eighteen (Nursery to Grade 12). 

To provide authentic British education, there are native English speakers, bringing many years of UK and international school experience. A student-centred approach allows pupils to achieve academic, emotional, and social success while laying the groundwork for success in the future.

Additionally, the school is a part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP). It is a global group of schools that ensures quality assurance and exceptional international learning connections.

Mission of Reach British School

The school's mission is to provide students with a meaningful education, knowledge and skills they need for a successful post-school life. As one of the few schools in Abu Dhabi to offer secondary students scholarships, the school is spacious and has well-equipped classrooms. 

Thus, students can see themselves as developing into successful individuals in the following manner at the academic forefront-

  • The curriculum challenges students to prepare for entry into top international universities.
  • Students get unique opportunities to support university applications, such as participation in the Global Future Leaders Conference and the Model United Nations.

The school curriculum 

Reach British School focuses on STEM – an approach to learning and development that integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM helps and encourages students to do the following - 

  • Be innovative and creative
  • Apply the knowledge they are learning – practical learning
  • Understand the power of technology and experimentation
  • Work collaboratively with their peers

Teachers and educators believe that the STEM approach prepares students better for the real world, i.e. future learning and career opportunities. 

Extra-curricular facilities 

Reach British School provides excellent facilities to support a holistic education across all grade levels. The school comprises an auditorium, a multipurpose indoor sports hall, two libraries, and a heated swimming pool. 

The modern facilities allow students to pursue their passions, knowing they have the resources and environments to do so. The wide range of extracurricular activities help cultivate each child's interests and talents.


Programs at Reach British School for the holistic growth of students

Amazing learning

As a part of ISP, Reach British School focuses on Amazing Learning. Educators here believe that students need extra assistance apart from natural learning (that which comes because of mental and physical growth). 

The focus is on helping children achieve more than what they expect from themselves. This experience only comes from their unique program - Amazing Learning. It is a state where the learners surprise themselves, their parents and teachers, too – with the levels of learning they reach. 

Distance learning 

The pandemic had affected millions of lives worldwide, and children were among the worst affected. To keep them afloat and weed out the impossibility of classroom education, there was a transition to a distance learning model under ISP Principles.

Presently, highly experienced learning & education professionals have established an effective distance learning strategy which includes supporting materials and resources. The courses ensure learning consistency and full support from teachers to the students.

There is a dedicated distance learning toolkit through The Learning Hub, ISP's unique digital learning community. It has successfully adapted to Blended Learning, an amalgamation of offline and online training so students can never stop learning.

Bottom Line

Reach British School is a nurturing and supportive environment where children can undergo Amazing Learning in a secure environment. The school believes in respecting, loving and valuing children as tomorrow's assets.

Each student is unique, so student progress tracking ensures individual development rather than comparative competitiveness. Moreover, native English speakers with years of experience teaching in international and UK schools are crucial to acquiring global education.

Reach British School is a torchbearer of Leadership in Quality International Education by showing commitment to using technology to improve teaching and learning. Blended learning is the way to the future, and the school is proof of that. 

With global exposure and educational quality at its core, parents can rely on their children’s education and safety at Reach British School.




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