The Best Massage Chairs and Recliners to Buy 2022

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Not every family member needs a massage chair. But for those who do, a high-end massager is the best way to nudge you into new positions and chase away aches and pains.
We've rounded up the best Feel Good Massage Chairs and recliners to buy now, including models that have massagers, heaters, heated massage options, and a design to suit every need.
I tried out three basic massaging recliners. They each had different features and comfort levels, making them great for different types of customers. After trying out two of the recliners, I can confirm the recliners can provide real health benefits.
I'm a massage therapist, and I've used massage chairs to improve my clients' pain management, focus, and overall comfort. As a result, I've seen a profound improvement in my own and my clients' health and well-being.
I used the 30-minute professional massage chair, the 20-minute, and the three-minute sessions, each of which gave me a different kind of massage therapy. Here's what I found.
The Soft Touch Massage Chair
The AOpower Soft Touch Massage Chair ($450) is a 30-minute professional massage chair that has a built-in heat-massage function that washes over you. It has foot warmers, and I especially liked how the chair moved without feeling jarring or uncomfortable.
When I started massaging myself, the heat from the seat had me starting to perspire, and I really liked how the chair managed to keep me warm despite the fact that it was unzipped and it's not an insulated chair. The chair also has a battery charging cable and a foot rest with straps that enable you to adjust it.
However, I had the heating control on low for most of the time, which didn't heat up my seat. The heat was adequate, though, and I would really prefer having it set on high.
I could really feel the chair working out my back, which is where the heat function of the massage chair really comes in handy. You can choose from three different types of massage, depending on how you want to use it. I didn't use them, but the massagers have you lie on your stomach, on your back, or on your side.
The chair's controls are touch-sensitive, so you can adjust the intensity and setting. My three-minute session was my favorite, because the heat was strong, and my seat temperature was low, even when it was on high. However, I wish the controls were more intuitive. I had to try five times to activate the heating button. When it was on low, it never felt cold, even when I pressed it the whole time.
I think the massage chair would be more useful for people who don't want to sit in one place for 30 minutes, and who would prefer a combination of medium and firm pressure. If you sit in a very firm massage chair, and you want to get a more body-oriented massage, this isn't the right chair for you.
Although I prefer traditional massage chairs that have feet to provide pressure, the Soft Touch Massage Chair was comfortable. The seat kept me warm, and the footrest kept my feet comfortable.
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