The big devil

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01 September 2022

For a new plane, they will set up a church to make the creatures of that plane believe in them. As long as they believe in their creatures, they will protect them and get endless power of faith from them. However, if the creatures on this plane already have gods to believe in, they will create death by destroying these creatures so that their masters can gain power from it. The land of Chio is just a small plane. Five thousand years ago, there was a great war covering all the powerful existence in the land of Chio. The two main gods of death and destruction only sent a few small gods to participate in it, and finally ended in failure. However, they also left behind the evil seed of the Scourge Church in the land of Chiao, evacuated the gods of death and destruction in the land of Chiao, and left the graveyard of death in order to come back in the future. The skeleton staff was left by a God in the death department, who was one of the leaders in the war. He sealed part of the message in the skeleton staff and the death graveyard, hoping to bring help to those who practice the power of the dead. In addition, the skeleton staff is also the key to open the death graveyard. He left the Skull Staff in order to develop the power of those who believed in them in the land of Chio and gain more power of faith from it. However, the owner of the Skeleton Staff also leaves the mark of God in the Death Graveyard and the Skeleton Staff. Once the new owner gets the Skull Staff or gains the power of the Death Graveyard, he can make the new owner believe in them forever and let them gain the power of faith. No wonder, twice in the graveyard of death, the soul was disturbed by a force, which even appeared in the mind of a thousand feet giant shadow, but by their own great perseverance and magic power to carry down,Micro Gear Motor, this is not the soul lost self, Han Shuo secretly thought. Tricolor skull skull, this has three eyes skull, after Han Shuo broke through the boundary, obtained so much information. Such a vast future, a world beyond Han Shuo's imagination slowly spread out in front of Han Shuo, and from this time on, Han Shuocai really clearly realized that in this vast universe,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, there is such a magnificent scenery beyond his imagination. For the first time, Han Shuo realized the vastness of the vast universe, understood the never-ending struggle between the gods, and the powerful existence that could not be guessed. Understanding the context of these, Han Shuo will focus on the other two skulls, thinking about the other two skulls, in the end what message is contained, will there be a mystery of the arrangement of the death graveyard magic transport array? As he thought about it, Han Shuo once again calmed down and tried to hit the boundary between the two skulls in the same way. However, Han Shuo felt that his mental strength had not yet reached such a strong level that he could do nothing about the secret between the two skulls. Mr. Han Shuo, is Mr. Han Shuo in? Suddenly, a quiet voice fell into Han Shuo's ears through the array arranged by Han Shuo. Han Shuo recognized that it was the voice of the daughter of Crocius. After thinking about it, he saw that he could not know more secrets about the skeleton staff for the time being, Small Geared Motors ,brushless gear motor, so he stood up and went outside. Volume V Chapter 529 magical magic power! From the underground to the outside line, Han Shuo has been considering a very confusing question, eight elemental forces, four law forces, which do not seem to include the magic force, then what is the magic force? The eight elemental powers and the four law powers are different, all through the use of the powers existing between heaven and earth, based on the biological soul and body, absorb or master and use these powers skillfully, strengthen their own body and soul, and become gods above other living beings. However, whether it is the power of the eight elements or the power of the four laws, these are the eternal forces between heaven and earth. Practitioners, through the capture and use of this eternal power, make their bodies and this power one, and gradually strengthen and become gods. However, Han Shuo's magic skill was produced from the inside of his body at the very beginning. From the beginning to the end, although it can be improved by absorbing some strange powers, Han Shuo has never been able to sense the existence of magic power between heaven and earth, which is very surprising to Han Shuo. Those who practice the powers of the eight elements and the four laws all rely on this original external force, but Han Shuo's magic skill is different from the powers of the eight elements and the four laws. It is a process of infinite excavation and evolution of one's own potential, which seems to be quite different from the power known in the skeleton staff. According to the information we have just received, in the vast universe, there are many people who use other powers to become gods, such as fear, desire, and so on. As long as they master the methods of using and absorbing them, they can also become gods. However, in the final analysis, these deities are also borrowed from external forces, and Han Shuo's magic skills and magic power are formed naturally inside the body at the beginning. To Han Shuo's surprise, the magic skill uses some secret methods to urge the magic power. It can even form forces similar to elemental forces. For example, the use of Xuanbing Demon Flame to release the power of Demon yuan, released in a special way in the meridian skeleton, can produce purple and red Demon Flame, with extremely cold and hot attributes, for example. () Han Shuo can repair the scars in his own body by using the power of the magic element, and even help others to restore the damage of the body's divine consciousness. This characteristic can only be achieved by the gods who practice the law of life. Or, some strange attacks formed by using the power of the magic element can cause the effect of darkness, which seems to be the same as the gods who practice the power of dark elements.. In addition, there is no magic power between heaven and earth. Han Shuo can devour some power for his own use, such as some resentment power, soul evil spirit and other evil negative forces, through their own transformation can form a magic force to make their own strength further. This is different from those who practice the eight elemental powers and the four law powers. Generally speaking,Planetary Gear Motor, those who practice these twelve powers can only absorb the power that exists between heaven and earth for their own use. After becoming a God, they can only absorb the divine power of the practitioners of the same system, not across the system.

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