The delicious foods of Vietnam

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The delicious foods of Vietnam

Vietnam is not only famous for its cultural importance and its beautiful landscapes, but it is also well known for its food. Some Vietnamese cuisines have earned their fame all around the globe making them one of the most sought-after cuisines for food lovers. In Victoria, Vietnamese food has become famous because of its rich taste. Here are some of the cuisines that you would love to have a bite of-

Bahn Mi or Vietnamese sandwich: Said to be one of the most popular street foods in Vietnam, its taste is unparalleled. It was first created during the 19th century during French colonial rule. It is usually filled with green fillings of your choice but can also have pork, chicken, beef, tofu, etc. It is also one of the favorite Vietnamese foods in Victoria, BC.

Pho or noodle soup: pho is the most common and well-known Vietnamese food in Victoria. Flat rice noodles are added with beef or chicken broth and flavored with some spring onions, coriander, and ginger. Chili flakes and lemon juice can be added to them for some extra taste. The Vietnamese can eat a bowl of pho at any time of day but having it during breakfast is preferred.

Bun cha or grilled meatballs: this is also a kind of street food in Vietnam. The barbequed pork is served with some rice noodles and this is eaten during lunchtime. Bun cha is a very common dish in the country and is said to be deliciously flavored.

Goi Cuon or spring rolls: it is a roll wrapped with coriander, pork, and some greens. It has a translucent wrap around it. This dish has some variants in the region like in the south pork is barbequed and some other ingredients are also added. It is like a starter and served cold before the meal. In northern Vietnam, it is known as Nem Cuon but it is delicious in all places.


Com tam or broken rice: an exclusive dish of Ho Chi Minh city it is made up of small broken pieces of rice. It is one of the favorite snacks of its people. It can be served with some shredded pork or fish or even eggs.

In Victoria, Vietnamese food has created a lot of stir for its richness and taste. It is scrumptious, healthy, and has a lot of variety making it one of the most loved cuisines. Pho Halong- Vietnamese Kitchen, is the place for the most authentic Vietnamese food. They added Bahn Mi to their menu which is a Vietnamese delicacy. They also have a big pho challenge where you get gift cards worth 100$ after finishing a 6-pound bowl of pho within 30 minutes.

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