The Devotion System - Make Men Obsess Over You

The Devotion System - Make Men Obsess Over You
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30 October 2023

Impressing your man may be the only thing you fret about all the time,  a confident, strong, knowledgeable woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.  Women have ways to capture a man's imagination or longing in a man's heart too. Like habitually looking deeply in our eye's as you talk to us. Then ignoring them for a while making us hungry for the attention we now miss.  A “chemistry-filled” attraction is the number one reason why men fall in love with women.  some certain characteristics or traits make a man fall in love with a woman. If you’ve got what they want or if your perspective is compatible with their perspective you could trigger his hero instinct. The hero instinct is a deep-seated desire to be around individuals who make him feel heroic. You just have to implement effective techniques that pique a man’s interest and that gets him thinking about a future with you, and that’s precisely what this system teaches you. 

The mastermind behind this program is none other than professional dating and relationship expert, Amy North. With years of experience and a deep understanding of relationships, Amy has created a comprehensive relationship advice course for women looking to improve their love lives. She is a Canadian Based Relationship and Dating advisor who lives in Vancouver, Canada. She has worked with local and international clients for more than five years to solve their relationship problems. She is an expert in marriage, divorce, breakup, and other family matters. She wrote Text Chemistry and The Devotion System to assist women in getting their desired man. Amy North also maintains her YouTube Channel which has more than 200,000+ subscribers and more than 1 million+ views. She uses all her experience and effort in The Devotion System to make women successful in their relationships.

The book is based on practical male psychology and the real world experience Amy North has gained as a successful relationship coach. It teaches you a series of powerful techniques and tips that have proven to work time and time again because they are based on how men think and act. It also takes a look at a lot of misconceptions about men that end up having a detrimental effect on romantic relationships. This program teaches women about silly actions to avoid when attracting men. They must understand man’s mind, initiate his desire and the dynamics of closeness that make men fall in love with them. Trust me, I have been there and faced many relationship difficulties. I’ve been cheated on,lied to, and flat told the man was attracted to me. It hurts your self-esteem, pride, and makes you not want to date anyone anymore. It doesn’t have to be this way. Ladies, I’m telling you, this guide changed my life and the way I view dating.

Love is a journey, so don’t try to rush it. You can’t force anyone to love you. Love is a chemical reactions in your brain. The main drugs are oxytocin and vasopressin. If your dream is rooted in reality, have faith and be the kind of loving person you seek. Be honest and real. Assuming that you know this person. The reason why he is not in love with you could possibly be that you're not the only woman under his radar. However, if he did feel something for you at some point in time, let me tell you that that can play in your favour to make him fall in love with you since you share chemistry one way or the other. It is a guide that helps women to get their dream guy, and tells you all the things that you need to make him yours. No matter what your situation is with men, there is always that one chance that you can make it better.

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