The difference between TR90 and tungsten titanium plastic steel glasses frames

The difference between TR90 and tungsten titanium plastic steel glasses frames
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16 September 2022

Features of TR90 Frames

TR90, also known as plastic titanium, is a kind of transparent nylon polymer material with memory produced by a Swiss company. It is called nylon 12 or PA12 in the chemical industry and material industry. It is a thermoplastic resin material and can withstand 350 in a short time. ℃ high temperature does not melt, is the current popular ultra-light frame material. Light, super tough and elastic, strong ability to maintain shape, impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, etc., are the biggest features of TR90.

The difference between TR90 and tungsten titanium plastic steel glasses frames

TR90 itself is a colorless or colored transparent material, and the various colors or patterns usually seen are a layer of decorative skin painted on the surface of the material by the spraying process. Therefore, if the TR90 frame is used for a long time or is bent too many times, the surface of the frame will peel off, especially in a low-temperature environment.

Features of tungsten titanium plastic steel frames

Tungsten-titanium plastic steel is a polyetherimide plastic developed by the General Electric Company of the United States. This material is also called aviation PEI material. It has both the hardness of steel and the flexibility of water. It was first used by Korean designers to make glasses. material, popular in Korea and Japan in 2010. Because it is called "Ul tem" in South Korea, transliteration: tungsten titanium, in fact, tungsten-titanium plastic steel, and titanium metal are completely irrelevant. The material does not contain titanium or other metals. It is a thermoplastic resin material and belongs to the plastic group.

The difference between TR90 and tungsten titanium plastic steel glasses frames

Lighter, more flexible, harder, and good skin-friendly (corrosion resistance) are the remarkable characteristics of tungsten-titanium plastic steel. At the same time, it also has strong temperature resistance, including dissolution above 230 °C, and no fracture at minus 30 °C Wait.

The difference between TR80 and tungsten titanium frames

Frames made of TR90 will fade over time, which is an important disadvantage of TR90. The toughness and strength of the tungsten-titanium plastic steel frame material are much better than that of the TR90, and the whole is much thinner. After the tungsten-titanium plastic surface is treated by the electroplating process, the adsorption is very good and will not fade. Therefore, many people mistakenly think that TR90 is tungsten-titanium plastic steel, which is incorrect. There may be manufacturers using TR90 instead of tungsten-titanium plastic steel, but this is similar in terms of lightweight, but does not have the advantages of high strength, high toughness, and no fading of tungsten-titanium plastic steel.

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