The Different Body Types as per the Body Type Calculator

The Different Body Types as per the Body Type Calculator
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What are the five main Female Body Types?

There are five female body shapes or types. The Body Type Calculator calculates different measurements and types of body. They are described below.

  • Rectangle- The waist measurement is less than nine inches in this type of body shape. It is smaller than the hip and bust measurements. So the female is not curvy, and there is a fair weight distribution. Hence it is called a straight or ruler type.
  • Triangle- It is similar to the pear shape. In this type of body, the bust area is well-defined, and the waist is smaller than the bust and hip portions. The weight is mostly distributed in the lower body, not the upper body.
  • Hourglass- It is the ideal body type for most females. However, the bust and hip measurements are the same in this body type. The waist is narrow.
  • Spoon-In this type of body, the hips are wider than the bust. The waist is well-defined.
  • Inverted Triangle- It is the opposite of a pear body shape. The shoulders and bust sizes in this body type are wider than the hips.

What is a 36-24-36 figure?

A 36-24-36 is the bust-waist-hip ratio. It is the hourglass body shape of a female. It is the ideal shape for most women. The first measurement is around the bust, which is the full chest portion measurement.

The second measurement is the waist portion. It is the narrower part of the torso. The last measurement is the hips. It is below the waist, and the measurement is around the hip.

A 36-24-36 is a measurement in inches, while in centimetres, it would be 90-60-90. It is a type of body type needed in the entertainment industry.

How to determine a healthy waist size?

A healthy waist size depends on height to calculate one's waist size. However, it should be less than 31.5, meaning 80 cm for a woman. The same for a man applies if he exceeds 37 inches or 94cm. A waist is the narrowest portion between the hip and ribs area.

As per the guidelines by World Health Organisation(WHO), the ideal waist measurement is more than 40cm for men, and for women, it is 35cm. Anything greater than these numbers is included in the obese category. Even obesity is a determining factor as a waist-hip ratio. It is greater than 0.9 for males and.0.85 for females. One can use the Waist-Hip ratio calculator to calculate.

Often people who are obese suffer from diseases and health issues like diabetes, Alzheimer's, and other health-related issues.

There is also a trend of zero figures. It is a style of women's clothing in the US style system. It is a size that fits in the range of 30-22-32 inches for bust-waist-hips. In 1958, size eight was considered zero due to vanity sizing.

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