The glory of Germany

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01 September 2022

Army Mountain Division and one Waffen-SS Mountain Division, six Panzer Divisions and three Guards Panzer/Mechanized Divisions, four Light Panzer Divisions. Motorizer A cavalry brigade. In addition, twenty new divisions were being formed, including four Waffen-SS divisions. However, these units can only be formed after general mobilization, and they are scheduled to be used between the second and fourth waves of attacks. And on the western front. We decided to leave eleven regular divisions, some fortress units of about one division (later reorganized into the 72nd Infantry Division) and thirty-five new divisions, as the second to fourth lines, and six Waffen-SS units along the Siegfried Line. There are fifty-two divisions altogether. In addition, the 7th Parachute Division, the 3rd Parachute Division, and the 22nd Air Transport Division will remain as general reserves directly under the headquarters. On the air side, we are prepared to commit two air groups to the attack on Poland, namely, Albertland. Feng . The Second Air Force under General Richthofen 。 As for the security of the western part of Germany, it was left to Hugo. The Third Air Force, commanded by General Speller, was responsible. 。” After the black pointer made a beautiful arc in the air, Haarde continued: "In view of the current situation in Poland, our plan for the ground battle is as follows.". On the basis of the operational plan for Poland,ultrasonic generator driver, we must make the best use of its border situation and penetrate it on a large scale through our armored and mobile forces, so as to divide and encircle the enemy from the very beginning. So we should focus our attack on both flanks. In the central area (Oder-Valta Basin), the necessary simple defense is carried out. To this end, we formed two army groups, one in the north and the other in the south. With these words, Haarde suddenly increased his voice: "Now I announce the sequence of the attacking troops.". Army Group North. Commander-in-Chief General Bok, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Salmus. At this point, Bock and Salmus stood up and nodded slightly around. The unit has two army corps, including five infantry corps and one armored corps. There were eleven regular infantry divisions (including the newly formed 50th Infantry Division, which was formed from fortress troops and was not full), nine newly mobilized infantry divisions and one Waffen-SS infantry division, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic cutting machine, and three armored divisions (including the commander of the newly formed 11th Panzer Division). Walter, twenty-seven divisions. In addition, in East Prussia, you are also responsible for the fortress troops in Königsberg and Lodz, and the Nez Brigade (Major General Nelinger) in Pomerania. Of these, the Third Army, which consisted of nine infantry divisions, was in East Prussia. An armored division. Seven brigade battle groups (one regimental battle group and one train artillery battalion and one independent armored battalion), commanded by General Küchler Artillery, were responsible for attacking the Polish group in the Danze Corridor and marching south in the direction of Putusk, encircling Warsaw from the side after crossing the Bug River. The Fourth Army was deployed in Pomerania (six infantry divisions, two armored divisions, two motorized divisions, one Waffen-SS motorized division and twelve border guard regiments, including Guderian's 19th Panzer Corps). The commander of the Fourth Army was the task of the Kruger Upper Regiment Army Group to cut off the Polish corridor and concentrate mechanized infantry on the east bank of the Vistula River. And then southeast or south. After breaking through the Narev line, they attacked the Polish garrison on the Vistula from behind. Stopping Dunhalder's pointer, he turned to the bottom of the map. "Given that Poland had concentrated most of its troops in the south.". So Army Group South has a correspondingly larger force allocation than Army Group North. It consisted of three army groups and two corps-sized battle groups: the Fourteenth Army, commanded by the Wilhelm Division, and a motorized division.) The army was deployed in the industrial area of Upper Silesia, as well as in eastern Moravia and western Slovakia. The Tenth Army, under the command of General Lacinau, consisted of 2 Panzer Divisions, 2 Light Divisions, 2 Motorized Infantry Divisions and 10 Infantry Divisions. This army was around Upper Silesia and south of Fort Cruz. The Eighth Army, under the command of General Blaskowitz (eleven infantry divisions, two Panzer divisions, and one light division), was deployed in central Silesia, in Alsden. Face. The task of this army group was to defeat the enemy forces in the bend of the Vistula River and in Galicia, to rush towards Warsaw with a strong motorized force, to capture the ferry on the Vistula River as quickly as possible with a broad front, and then to cooperate with the Army Group North in order to destroy the remnants of the Polish army. In addition, there are two special units, which are the Kalba Mountain Group commanded by General Dieter Mountain. The unit consisted of four Wehrmacht mountain divisions and two Waffen-SS mountain divisions, which were deployed along the Karpa Mountains, and our Rudolf. A special battle group formed by Major General Hess The force consisted of three Waffen-SS mechanized divisions and two Waffen-SS infantry divisions. Two Wehrmacht infantry divisions were deployed near Glogau to cover the flanks of the Eighth Army. At this point,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Halder gave each other a hard look. Glogao? After listening to Haarde's introduction, Ji Ming looked at the map hurriedly. "This guy wants to send me to the tiger's mouth!" Ji Ming shook his head heavily as he looked at the map. Book III Chapter 42 Tit for Tat; Poland's Plan P Updated: January 7, 2009 2:47:35 Words in this Chapter: 3216.

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