The Golden Rule of SEO Link Building

The Golden Rule of SEO Link Building
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Link building for SEO is an important component of any search engine optimization campaign. When you get it right, your keywords will appear higher on search engine results pages and your organic traffic will increase. What exactly are you supposed to do?

Diversify your methods is the golden rule for effective SEO link-building. Imagine that you're a boxer who can only throw left hooks. You will likely lose your fights. Links that are created by only using one method won't be as effective.

This article will discuss two link building techniques in greater detail. You can use them to diversify your link building efforts. This article will discuss two link building techniques in greater detail. You are welcome to use these methods to diversify your linking efforts.

Article marketing and content traps:
Original and unique content is one of the most efficient ways to generate traffic and build links.
* Research popular search terms for your product, website or service. Choose keywords that have a low level competition.
You can write original articles by using keywords you've chosen.
You can submit your articles to blogs and article directories.
Create new links by linking to your website from the resource box in each article.
* Your articles should also appear in the search engine results for low-competition keywords you have selected, thereby driving traffic to your site (content trap).

Blog commenting:
This method is abused, but when combined with other methods of link building it can still be very effective.
* Find blogs that relate to your product, website or service. Make sure that you can enter your name and URL to post a comment.
* Read the article, and then post a comment which is both useful and informative.
It is important to add value and not sell yourself in your comments.
Search engines will view links that are "natural" if you post comments on blogs, both those with and without follow-up.

You can also build links to your site by using bookmarks, forums, profiles, and posts on social media sites. Also, you can upload videos to popular video websites and submit your URL to link directories. Combining three or more methods is a great way to increase the effectiveness of SEO link building. Improve your keyword search by learning more than just the left hook authority backlinks.

It is best to look for SEO services with the most proven track record and results so that you can start seeing your website rank high on the SERPs. It is important that the professional link builders use the most white-hat methods to build links. This will ensure that your site will receive maximum benefit from the backlinks that they create for you without compromising the goodwill of Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN et al.

A good and reliable SEO link-building service will be able provide valuable backlinks to your site, so that your site will start to rise in the page rankings and you will notice a lot of targeted organic traffic. This targeted traffic will lead to increased business and revenue for your website or blog.

It's possible to get backlinks, but will you be able to track them and determine if they are effective? You shouldn't wait to see if your site is ranked well in search engine results pages to determine if your efforts are working. Your competitors could have already surpassed you before you can confirm. This won't happen if you use SEO link building services, as they will build your links at the top of their game.

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