The History of Gaming & Casino Games

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If you were to ask a novice about the origins of casino games and gambling in general, they might inform you of the 16th century or even 1 000 BC. Well, because I've done my research I can inform you that gambling has been around from the period of Zeus and the Olympian gods.

According to the legend, the universe was divided into hell as well as heaven and water by Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, and Zeus all in a single roll of a die. You know the things you'll tell me. This is all a legend But what about the archeological diggings that revealed dice-like shapes dating as far back as the year 40,000 BC? The practice of gambling was also prevalent during the time of the Roman Empire.

According to the legend that the Romans had all the pleasures of life, including dancing, winning and eating, gladiator shows and entertainment via casino-like games that required expertise and luck. Numerous highly regarded Roman politicians had gambling debts to repay and were taught to throw the dice in schools.

Historical researchers have discovered that early Greeks were avid gamers and monopoly games, but later banned. Legend says that the Greeks were not equipped with the same degree of self-control as the Romans thus boundaries had to be established.

Numerous evidences of gambling that was rudimentary like dice was found in China around 2300 BC and earlier. It was China which was the origin of the card games that we enjoy nowadays. In truth, the Koreans invented the first designs of playing cards, however the Chinese perfected them using paper. Because at the time playing cards had to be created manually and independently and only skilled craftsmen could make cards, only the richest had access to them which was why they were so popular amongst common people.

Mesopotamia, Ancient Persia, Egypt and India were also the cradle of games of chance. It is said that around these areas is where backgammon draws its origins. Initially, the act of throwing dice was closely tied to the art of divination, or telling the future by interpreting the signs of pebbles, runes bones and stones. This was the first game of chance , which involves throwing dice.

Gaming at Online Casinos: The Evolution
Most people don't realize how much impact the most popular modern-day board and card games have on the past and society. There are many parallels between casino games today and the most popular games for all ages throughout the past like the secrecy around Mah-Jong Solitaire in Ming Dynasty and Gin Rummy in saloons in the old West. The online games have emerged from palaces and prisons across the globe.
The History of Gaming &  Casino Games


The game of four players dates back to 2000BC at a time when the old Chinese royals where the only ones privileged enough to play. While the game was not popular in China for many hundreds of years but it was soon a huge hit in western countries.

It took just a few decades for the game to be played all over the world after it became popular in China. Its balance of luck and skill, as well as its similarity to other western games made it easily accessible to America in the early 20th century. These days it's popular all over the world as a game of well-planned risk and high stakes.

Gin Rummy

Originally, Gin Rummy stemmed from one of the various variations of poker played in the United States of America in the 18th century. Whiskey Poker is largely regarded as the basis for Gin Rummy, the rules are very similar , and there's even a strange variant known as Gin Poker. Nowadays, the competitive card game is commonly known as Gin in most countries.

business is a one-player card game, is one of the most played games in the world. Solitaire, also known as Patience in Europe, can be played alone or in casinos with a lot of players. It was popularized at the beginning of the 19th century and has been a key aspect of the international pop culture.
Napoleon was said to be a keen Solitaire player. However, some say that he also played other French card games during the time.


Since 6000 BC various different cultures have documented backgammon sleight variants. Even in the era of Chess, the popularity of turn-based board games hasn't diminished. Backgammon has been a popular board game for all ages. It first became available online in 1992.

trends became very well-known. Backgammon was a popular pastime for the working class across Europe all the way from Rome to the pyramids. Thomas Jefferson was known to take pleasure in a game of backgammon during his time in the American office. The original record of the game is in use.

The game is being examined today. Computer software in domestic lets you analyze and challenge other players and also lets you try out your own strategies.


Similar to the bagpipes and rugby The roots of Poker are controversial. While there are numerous countries who claim to have created poker, the most popular version claims that it was created from an older French game called Bouillotte. The name for modern poker comes from the word Pochspiel, which literally translates to "to knock".

Poker was a continuous element of the life of the American South. The state of Louisiana was the backdrop for blues, prohibition, and poker - some of the most important aspects of Southern life and an integral part of American society. Today , online Poker is quite possibly the most played game for Internet players.

Gaming online is what it's all about these days... Play internet played by kings and peasants alike. Feel the excitement that has helped to shape and destroy empires for thousands of years.

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