The Infant Sock Monitor

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10 February 2023

The infant sock monitor is a smart baby monitoring device that uses pulse oximetry to track your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels. It connects to your smartphone via an app and alerts you if it detects something off.

The sock fits snugly against your baby's foot, and the sensor in it uses pulse oximetry technology to measure their oxygen and heart rates. The data is then sent to a base station that glows green to indicate your baby is okay. If your child's readings leave the "safe" zones, they'll get an alarm and a red notification will appear on the screen.

Using the Owlet app, you can check live oxygen and heart rate readings as they happen, as well as trended sleep data to better understand your baby's sleeping patterns. The base station also provides temperature and humidity readings as well as two-way audio.

You can also set up automatic night and day schedules for your baby, which is a big time saver. But be aware that the Owlet base stations have a limited range, and they need to be near your home's WiFi network or internet connection. This makes them unsuitable for use in remote homes or apartments.

The Owlet sock can be adjusted to fit baby's foot perfectly, and the sock's sensors are small enough that they don't cause skin irritation or discomfort for your baby. It can be used with both boys and girls, although some users say the sock can become too tight on their newborn babies' feet.

When your baby is asleep, the sock will automatically transmit their oxygen and heart rate readings to a base station that can be up to 100 feet away. It will glow green when your baby is healthy, and an alarm will sound if the readings are off.

But the sock isn't perfect, and it can occasionally lose communication with the base station or stop working entirely. That can be scary, because you don't want your child to die of hypoxia or have an accident because you were too sleep deprived to check on them.

In an effort to fix these problems, the company released a new sock this year. It's still called the Smart Sock, and it can be found online and at retailers.

Unlike the original Smart Sock, this one also has a camera to help you monitor your baby's movements. It also offers a few more features, including a four-day battery life and a charging base.

The sock can also be removed and reattached to the base station. That's a handy feature if you plan on changing your baby's position while they're asleep or if you're trying to make sure their sock is in the correct place for accurate readings.

Ultimately, the smart sock is no replacement for an audio or video baby monitor. But it's a useful and cost-effective option for parents who are worried about their babies' health. While it can't save your baby from death, it can be a lifesaver for an anxious parent or new mother.

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