The Origins Of The MOT Test

The Origins Of The MOT Test
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All vehicles in the UK are required by law to undergo an annual MOT test. The MOT verifies the vehicle's roadworthiness and safety for you and other road users, as well as whether it emits a safe level of exhaust emissions. Many people know they must take their vehicle for an MOT each year, but they don't understand the history behind the test. For more information on the history and implementation of the MOT test for all UK vehicle drivers, please keep reading.

Back in the 1950s, it was at this point that it became clear that many automobiles of all types and sizes were becoming unsafe for the road. It was clear that the hazard level of the automobiles increased with their mileage. Due to this advancement in automotive safety, Ernest Marples, the minister of transportation, established a system in 1960 that mandated annual basic safety MOT CLASS 4 Farnham for all vehicles older than ten years. The inspections included examining components including the brakes, steering, and lighting. The Ministry of Transport test, or as we commonly refer to it, the MOT test, was originally known as the ten-year test.

The test grew more comprehensive and in-depth over time, and in 1967, the law required a MOT for all vehicles older than three years. A modern MOT makes clear how much the test has evolved because we now examine more intricate components like:

CO2 emissions
Anti-braking system (ABS)
Braking liquid
Powered suspension and steering
The vehicle's number plate number
And so much more!

The test has advanced alongside improvements in automobile technology, from the vintage Austin Mini to the contemporary Vauxhall Insignia. In contrast to today's automobiles, which include amenities like power steering, sophisticated brake systems, tinted windows, and much more, cars of the 1960s lacked several of these characteristics. Therefore, the MOT test examines the key components to ensure that no safety issues with these new features in automobiles arise. It is simple to state that the MOT test has significantly changed since it was first introduced in the 1960s. If you haven't already this year, make a reservation for yourself; it might end up saving you a ton of money.


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