The Pleasure of Collecting

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06 July 2022

Plural practice is deeply rooted in history. The ancient Egyptians collected books in the Great Library of Alexandria. King Louis XIV of France, the King of the Sun, loved the royal coin of France so much that he visited it every day, seeing that there was always something new to learn. The first attempts at collecting art were made by the Medici family during the Renaissance.

Collectibles can involve acquiring something special that is of particular interest to the collector. Hobbies can also get these things as an investment. Collections are often highly organized, well-cataloged, and attractively presented when presented to an audience that is of interest to the owner. As the collection depends on the interests of each collector, it can be related to almost any topic. The depth and size of the group may also vary. Some collectors choose to focus on a specific sub-theme in their general area of ​​interest. There are also people who consider coin collecting to be a hobby. Somehow people try to preserve their identity. Some kits may be completed, with at least one sample of each possible kit item. Collectors who make a special effort to assemble kits in this way are sometimes referred to as "add-ons". Once this is done, they can stop collecting, expand the collection to include related items, or start a brand new collection.

stamp collection

In fact, you can collect almost anything! It's up to you. But keep in mind that everything comes at a price. If you want to collect Fabergese eggs or a Ming vase (why not?), It is best to bring the wallet included in the hobby. Not everyone has the money to collect antiques. On the other hand, there are quite a few cheap things you can put together for a little money. In addition, you can also collect intangibles, such as the countries you have visited or the cities you have visited.

In the collection of materials, stamping is probably one of the most beneficial activities. When you save stamps, you collect not only the printed sheet of paper, but also part of the record. The symbolism of the hero is revealed throughout history in terms of what it depicts and for what reason it was published, but it also reflects the part of local history that includes the sender and recipient of the message who marked it. We do it. If a letter of high historical value was stamped, it should not be removed from it. Together, the two are probably more valuable than the two alone.

When you decide to collect antique stamps, you expect to meet a stamp that has very few people. The stamp may be unique in its design due to the small number of copies issued, which reduces the number over time, as well as the unique defects that some stamps may produce when printed. The absence of some elements in the stamp (drawing, non-perforated stamps) or a typographical error (incorrect color, incorrect spacing between elements) can completely change its value. In 1840, the first postage stamp was issued in England. The first stamp appeared in France in 1849. At that time, printing defects were more common than they are today.

When you collect stamps from alternatives to eBay store, you not only collect antiques, but you may also want to collect new expenses from your local post office. You can even decide to collect stamps from all over the world in a certain category, such as animals, vehicles, heroes, and so on. The topics are as broad as you can imagine.

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