The Queue: Raising Fatigue

Byers Keegan Byers Keegan 19 September 2022 Follow

Welcome back to The Queue. This is where the WoW Insider team answers all your questions about World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

I'm officially declaring it to be raiding fatigue season. It's the magical time in the expansion when enthusiasm for raiding is at a low. You suddenly go from tackling 25 man heroics to just being able to field a 10-man.


Well, at least I've found this video to keep me entertained.

Revynn asked:

I had an "discussion" with a person in beta/trade chat who was trying to sell mats for crafting at 15,000g per piece. I immediately offered him 5g for each piece. The price-gouging in Beta in general is stupid (lol I'm hazarding eleventy billion golds I'm not able to keep). !"). I was soon aware of a person promoting their all-women guild with "long-term plans" as like they were on an active RP server. By Wow Dad So,. . . What is the most absurd or stupid thing you've ever witnessed in a game?

The beta and PTRs draw some of the stupidest people from the forest. I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

The most stupid thing I've witnessed anyone do is when a friend of mine decided to get into trade chat and complain about not being given an invitation to raid. He honestly thought this behavior was acceptable and wouldn't cause him gkicked. It did however, and there was a bidding war for Mumble to determine who was the first to kick him. It was worth more than 100,000 gold.

I don't think I have ever seen anyone so hateful. Every guild drama seems to have many sides, but everyone was against this loser.

Fallen asked:

What is it about LFR that makes me want to kill everyone in my group as well as Myself? It appears that it could resolve all the drama in the event that blizzard doesn't have yet input the LFR system for MOP.

Raid Finder is extremely difficult these days. I believe it's much worse than it was a few months ago, and even. This is likely due to the crankiness of players on the Raid Finder system right now and the majority of them would like MoP to be released, and all of them are focused on acquiring gear, shards or whatever. There is no desire to be an honest person.

I'm certain Blizzard would love to implement the new Raid Finder loot system in place right now however there are many technical things that need to change in the backend and the client first and they are all currently in the beta test stage. It wouldn't surprise me to see them come with patch 5.0 (pre-expansion patch) and we could get at least a little glimpse of the new features before MoP comes out.


If we know of someone who is bragging they run a private server What is the best way I can do to inform Blizzard about this violation of the TOS?

You can report them via the in-game tools. However, chances are that Blizzard won't be able do much for them without a large number of legal personnel involved. But then again when they're on guild chat bragging about their l337 private server I'd imagine the punishment would be swift and easy.

Luro asked:

Since I've never participated in a WoW beta before... I was wondering to know if Blizz will allow me to create level-capped characters. I don't want to try the questing system, however I would like to experience tanking and healing at 90.

Yes, and according to all accounts, this should be happening soon. I wouldn't be surprised to see premades of level 90 being made available this week.

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