The Real Story Behind COVID Omicron XBB: What You Need to Know

The Real Story Behind COVID Omicron XBB: What You Need to Know
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For months, social media has been abuzz with an unsubstantiated warning about a purported "new COVID-Omicron XBB variant," a supposedly potent coronavirus strain that has allegedly been circulating globally since early 2020. But is there any truth to these alarming claims? In this comprehensive examination of the viral message, we will dissect every update regarding the fictitious COVID-19 variants that have been making the rounds from August 2023 to the present. Let's delve into the details!more such informative blogs keep visiting Scamlegit.

The Real Story Behind COVID Omicron XBB: What You Need to Know

COVID Omicron XBB Variant

This message, masquerading as official guidance from healthcare experts, puts forth various assertions about the variant's symptoms and impact. It suggests that the XBB variant is "five times more toxic" than the Delta variant (1) and carries a higher mortality rate. This message has found its way onto platforms like Facebook (2), TikTok (3), LinkedIn (4), YouTube (5), and X (formerly Twitter) (6).

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What Does the Viral Message Claim?

The viral message follows a consistent pattern, with slight variations in wording from one post to another. It commonly states:

New Covid Health Advisory:

Everyone is advised to wear a mask because the new COVID-Omicron XBB variant coronavirus is different, deadly, and not easily detected properly.

Symptoms of the XBB virus are as follows:

  • No cough.
  • No fever.
  • There will only be:
  • Joint pain.
  • Neck pain.
  • Upper back pain.
  • General loss of appetite.

XBB is 5 times more toxic than the Delta variant and has a higher mortality rate. It takes a shorter time for the condition to reach extreme severity, and sometimes, there are no obvious symptoms.

This strain of the virus is not found in the nasopharyngeal region, and it directly affects the lungs, the “windows,” for a relatively short period of time. Nasal swab tests are generally negative for COVID-Omicron XBB, and false-negative cases of nasopharyngeal tests are increasing. This means the virus can spread in the community and directly infect the lungs, leading to viral pneumonia, which in turn causes acute respiratory stress.

XBB has become highly contagious, highly virulent, and lethal. Avoid crowded places, keep a distance of 1.5m even in open spaces, wear a double-layer mask, wear a suitable mask, and wash hands frequently even when everyone is asymptomatic (no coughing or sneezing).

Don’t keep this information to yourself. Share as much as possible with other relatives and friends.

Separating Fact from Fiction

The majority of the information in the viral message is either unfounded or misleading. Credible news outlets, including Reuters (7) and Agence France-Presse (AFP) (8), have debunked claims about the variant's increased toxicity and higher fatality rate. Dr. Thira Woratanarat, an assistant professor of preventive medicine at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, reported no significant changes in clinical severity associated with the XBB variant. Contrary to the message's assertions, it was found to cause only mild illness in India.

While some symptoms mentioned in the message, such as joint pain and pneumonia, are indeed reported effects of the XBB variant or its subvariant, XBB.1.5, other claims, such as the absence of cough and fever, do not align with the available information.

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The widely circulated warning about the COVID-Omicron XBB Variant on social media is predominantly based on false information. Respected authorities have discredited its claims of heightened toxicity and a greater mortality rate. It is partially true that the variant may evade nasal swab testing, but it doesn't entirely escape detection, as suggested. The message did not originate from recognized health organizations, and its origins remain unknown.

As of September 2023, there were several COVID-19 strains in circulation, with the EG.5 subvariant being predominant, yet no significant worsening of the disease was observed. The ongoing battle against the virus still relies heavily on vaccinations and recommended precautions.more such informative blogs keep visiting Scamlegit.


Unveiling the Truth About the COVID Omicron XBB Variant

COVID Omicron XBB Variant: Separating Fact from Fiction


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