The Role of Keywords Research in E-Commerce SEO

The Role of Keywords Research in E-Commerce SEO
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10 February 2023

When browsing for products on Google, 90% of users generally click on the first set of results. It clearly emphasizes the enormous importance of Google's organic functionality and ranking in the e-commerce sector, with success determined by your website and content performance.

Keyword research is critical for an e-commerce company's SEO strategy. It is the art of determining what phrases your potential customers would use to identify the products you sell and how you can optimize your website to help them find you. You may improve your Google ranking by learning how to conduct keyword research, which keywords to target, and how to leverage Google algorithms to your benefit. All this collectively helps enhance your visibility and increase your conversion rate.

E-Commerce Keywords Research Essentials

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Keyword research enables you to optimize your website and product pages for search engine algorithms, therefore improving your site ranking and increasing visitor flow by thousands. It is vital for an e-commerce website to seek more visitors for conversion and to properly find the suitable keyword on the landing page and the product page. It allows you to attract more customers, resulting in increased sales.

Search engines generate results from numerous pages at once, but for your site to appear on the first page, you must utilize relevant keywords that match the user's search; besides enhancing your site's performance, it is critical to rank your website at the top. Once you begin utilizing the proper keywords, your site's search engine ranking system will progressively improve, resulting in increased visitors and sales. To take full advantage of SEO in eCommerce, you must first learn how to conduct proper keyword research.

Before learning how to perform e-commerce keyword research, it is necessary to understand the various factors that support the selection of keywords suitable for your business.

Search Volume

Search volume refers to the total monthly searches for a particular keyword search phrase. For a better ranking of your website, it is necessary to choose keywords with high monthly search volumes and low competition, as many users search for that given term.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty, often known as search engine optimization (SEO) difficulty or phrase competitiveness, is a value between 0 and 100 that represents the difficulty of ranking on Google for a specific keyword. Using a keyword with a higher difficulty score makes it tough to emulate with existing search results, bringing down your website and content’s reputation.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords contain three or more words in their search query. They usually have less search volume than short keywords, but it helps to boost the traffic of your website, further converting into increased sales.

How to Perform Keyword Research for E-Commerce?

Once you are known with the basics, you can move ahead to perform keyword research. You can also take the help of professional experts who can provide you with affordable e-commerce SEO services and promote your site ranking.

Determine your Search Rank

If you have already begun building your e-commerce website and have tried to include SEO keywords, use a keyword ranking tracker like Ahrefs or Google Search Console, which may help to determine where you stand in the relevant searches.

Consider Search Intent

Google's previous algorithm valued keyword placement and the number of backlinks leading to your page. As a result, most keyword research guidance suggests selecting long-tail keywords. However, when low-quality backlinks and keyword-stuffed articles became more prevalent, Google's algorithms were altered to favor semantics, intent, and relevancy.

Targeted keywords

There are two ways to search the targeted keywords, self-research or competitors’ research. Although, it is beneficial to do both. You can use keyword planner tools like Autocomplete, Semrush, Ahrefs, People Also Ask, and related searches to get ideas for relevant keywords. Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform, is the ideal platform to analyze keywords.

Check Competitor’s Rank

While listing the keywords, check how your competitors are doing and what relevant keywords they are ranking on; this can help you assess how competitive specific keywords are and how close you are to taking the top positions.

You can perform adequate keyword research on your own or contact a digital marketing company that can provide you with 100% satisfactory services. Dexdel is one of the best SEO services company that actively serves industries like automobile, health, food, education, finance, e-commerce, etc. To boost your online presence and sales, contact us today.

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