The significance of cold chain logistics

The significance of cold chain logistics
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19 June 2023

As an ordinary consumer, whether you buy meat, dairy products, frozen packaged food and other products that require temperature control to keep them fresh in hypermarkets, supermarkets or traditional food courts, have you considered how these products are delivered from the manufacturer to the retail terminal, in addition to whether the products are genuine, free from counterfeiting, falsification and reliable quality?

The temperature of the product is very important in the whole supply chain. If the product is not fresh due to problems in transportation and storage, it will affect the nutrition and taste change is still a small matter, but in serious cases, it will have an impact on health, so it can be equivalent to shoddy goods, but the supply chain behind this is often the majority of consumers are not aware of.

Refrigerated and frozen foods require a complete cold chain logistics for the entire temperature control of the goods to ensure the safety of the food; this includes the closed environment when loading and unloading the goods, storage and transport, etc., a link cannot be missing; the complete refrigerated food supply chain is an indispensable element of food safety, so the requirements of cold chain logistics are higher, and the corresponding management and financial investment is also greater than The corresponding management and capital investment is also greater than that of ordinary room temperature logistics.

From a micro perspective, the realization of common distribution of cold chain logistics can improve the efficiency of cold chain logistics operations, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and can save a lot of money, equipment, land and manpower. Enterprises can concentrate on their core business, promote their growth and proliferation, expand their market scope, eliminate closed sales networks and build a coexisting and sharing environment.

From the perspective of the whole society, the realization of common distribution of cold chain logistics can reduce the total amount of social traffic, reduce the phenomenon of urban unloading obstructing traffic and improve the transportation situation; through the centralized processing of cold chain logistics, the loading rate of cold chain vehicles can be effectively improved, saving space and human resources for cold chain logistics processing, enhancing the cold chain commercial logistics environment and thus improving the overall social quality of life.

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