The Third Tab is for Building Materials

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Java Edition's crafting table interface.

Crafting is the process of creating tools or items, as well as blocks in Minecraft. Players can craft by moving items from their inventory to a crafting grid, arranging them according to the instructions of a recipe. A 2x2 grid of crafting can be accessible from the player's inventory . Likewise, 3x3 grids can be accessed by using a crafting table. Items created within the 2x2 grid can be crafted on the crafting table.

1 Crafting system 1.1 Recipe Book 1.2 Recipe system

2.1 Building blocks 2.2 Decoration blocks 2.3 Redstone 2.4 Transportation 2.5 Foodstuffs 2.6 Tools 2.7 Combat 2.8 Brewing 2.9 Materials 2.10 Miscellaneous 2.11 Discontinued recipes

Crafting system [Crafting system [

2x2 Crafting grid (inventory)

3x3 Crafting grid (crafting table)

Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator [Java Edition only] players always have access to the 2x2 crafting grid on their inventory screen. There are a few crafting recipes that can be created that are not more than 2x2. This includes crafting tables and sticks and crafting boards, torches and other items that are not shaped. To make items using a 3x3 grid, create a crafting table with 4 wooden planks placed in the middle of the universe and press the use button while facing it. The interface will open with a 3x3 crafting grid that the player can use for crafting any recipe for crafting within the game. There is also a recipe book in which you can find all the crafting recipes.

Some recipes do not require that their ingredients be arranged in a specific arrangement on the grid. These are commonly referred to as shapeless recipes. For instance, players could create a fermented spider's eye by placing its ingredients anywhere on the grid. [note 1]

However some recipes require ingredients are placed in the proper relative positions on the crafting grid. They are also known as shaped recipes. Shaped recipes allow ingredients to be'moved' up or down or left, right, or both. They can also be flipped upside down. For example, a 3x1 recipe, such as bread, can be created using the top, middle or bottom row of the 3x3 grid. However it cannot be made with the 2x2 grid as it requires three items wide. Additionally, a bow may be made using strings that are placed on the left instead of on the right.

There are recipes that cannot not be replicated or moved in this way. Premium ebooks These are often referred to as fixed recipes. For example, dyes in banner recipes must be specifically placed to achieve the desired pattern. [Bedrock Edition only] Data packs and mods can be added to fixed recipes.

Crafting is completely quiet, unlike other actions in the game like boiling, smelting and charming.

Shapeless recipes are noted on this wiki with the arrows of a pair that are intertwined on the graphic of the crafting table. This symbol is not used in the game. Recipe Book[Recipe Book[

The recipe book is a mechanic in Minecraft that acts as a catalog of recipes and as a crafting guide. It includes every crafting recipe the player has attempted with the help of materials.

Crafting recipes are organized in various categories, such as follows:

The first tab contains all recipes that are unlocked. The second tab contains tools, weapons and armor. The third tab includes building materials. The fourth tab is food items and miscellaneous items. The fifth tab contains redstone materials. Recipe system[]

Data packs in Java Edition and add-ons to Bedrock Edition can be used to modify recipes, including crafting recipes. There are currently 379 crafting recipes as of 1.16.

Complete recipe listComplete recipe list

Certain recipes can be animated to save space (requires JavaScript). On this wiki site, shapeless recipes are marked with two intertwined arrows on the crafting table graphic, while fixed crafting recipes are identified with an exclamation point. These symbols are not used in the game.

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