The Tyre Dealer: Home To Best Car Tyres Colchester

The Tyre Dealer: Home To Best Car Tyres Colchester
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14 November 2023

If you are one of those car owners who think of tyre as an air-filled ring of rubber, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Tyres are in constant contact with the road and with regular use they endure a lot of wear and tear. Worn-out tyres can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance, handling, safety, fuel efficiency, and overall safety. When it comes to replacing those worn-out tyres, They tend to go for tyres of the unpopular brand as they are available at a fraction of tyres from popular brands. 

Don’t make that mistake because you will have to replace them after a short while. That’s why our technicians at The Tyre Dealer recommend you go for a reputable brand such as Continental if you are looking for car tyres Colchester. Continental Tyres Colchester comes in various sizes. In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of Continental Tyres.

Benefits Of Summer Continental Tyres Colchester

As the name suggests summer tyres are specifically designed for warmer conditions or areas that experience nothing more than an infrequent downpour. These tyres are often referred to as performance tyres, as they are optimized for excellent acceleration, road grip, braking, and cornering.  These tyre are crafted with a particular tread design typically featuring shallow, straighter grooves along with solid, continuous ribs. That way, more rubber is in contact with the road. They feature a special rubber compound that is traditionally softer and provides better road grip in wet conditions and heat dissipation than other tyres in summer. Their enhanced traction and drivability, make them an ideal choice for high-performance vehicles. 

The Tyre Dealer: Home To Best Car Tyres Colchester

If you want to maximize your vehicle’s performance without sacrificing traction and safety then summer tyres are an excellent place to begin with. Summer tyres are not just good for traction and manoeuvrability on the hottest days of the year, they also work great at navigating wet surfaces and preventing hydroplaning. They are also much more resilient than other seasonal tyres. Overinflation can cause a tyre to wear out faster and can even cause a blowout. In summer or in hot climates the PSI in a tyre rises one value for every 10-degree temperature increase, causing a tyre to overinflate. Thanks to the rubber compound in summer tyres, they can withstand extreme heat and do not wear out even in the most punishing heat conditions. Summer tyres when used in the right conditions will improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Benefits Of Winter Continental Tyres 

As the name suggests winter tyres are designed to offer optimum traction and grip in cold conditions. If you are wondering what makes winter tyres different from summer or standard fit tyres. The answer is simple, winter tyres are made of different rubber compounds that provide better grip at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius.  Winter tyres have higher levels of natural silica than regular tyre, which allows them to remain flexible at lower temperatures. 

Winter tyres feature specially designed treads to help prevent ice or snow from building up around the tyre. Additionally, the narrow grooves help prevent snow from building up and clogging the tread channels. So it's fair to assume that winter tyres are often more effective than four-wheel drive when the road is covered with snow. The deep tread moulds help disperse surface water and reduce the chances of the car aquaplaning. In icy conditions, winter tyres reduce braking distance by up to eleven meters. Lastly, as the winter tyres offer greater safety in the cold, and remain flexible, they are more durable than summer tyres and are therefore more cost-effective.

The Tyre Dealer: Home To Best Car Tyres Colchester

Benefits Of All Season Continental Tyres 

All-season tyres, often referred to as all-weather tyres, combine the characteristics of summer and winter tyres and are designed for all weather conditions. These tyres have been developed for specific European regions with moderate climates, making them perfectly suitable for the UK. These tyres are made from an intermediate rubber compound that renders the vehicle the optimum performance and traction in all conditions, except during extreme winter conditions. 

The most obvious benefit of all-season tyres is that they offer versatile performance in various road conditions. These tyres offer excellent control and shorter break times on dry, wet, or slick roads. It offers a great blend of both summer and winter handling performance. Continental’s all-season tyres provide impressive durability all year round. A typical set of all-season tyres can last anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Additionally, they also provide high fuel efficiency, excellent mileage, and best-in-class rolling resistance. 

Thanks to their consistent grooves, ribs, and slots, all-season tyres offer the quietest and most comfortable ride and enhanced overall stability. Typically all-season tyres are more affordable than summer or winter tyres, All-season tyres Colchester are not just affordable, but they also offer better fuel efficiency. Plus, you don’t have to run back and forth to change your tyres twice a year. 

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