The Ultimate Guide To What is Unclaimed Money in Mississippi?

The Ultimate Guide To What is Unclaimed Money in Mississippi?
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13 September 2022

What is Unclaimed Money in Mississippi?

Unclaimed Money In Mississippi, the State of Mississippi, money that is not claimed is thought of as the property of an abandoned owner, unclaimed or even abandoned money. It's money or property that is left to a person or an organization, like an attorney or bank, during a specified statutory time (referred to as dormancy time).

Typically, once the time for dormancy for a squandered amount of money ends for the holder, he or she gives it in trust to the authorities of the State. Through a process called escheatment, the government is given charge of the money until legitimate owners are able to be able to claim them. Unclaimed funds can come in the form of traveller's checks as well as savings and checking accounts as well as gift cards, the wages of employees and cash orders, life insurance etc.

As per the Mississippi Unclaimed Property Act, those who have money that is not claimed have to transfer the funds to the Office of the State Treasury. The Treasury Department of the State has the funds. However, it does not claim full ownership. In fact, it retains it until the proper owner is found.

How to Find Unclaimed Money in Mississippi

People who are looking for unclaimed funds in Mississippi should begin by contacting the State's Treasury. The department maintains unclaimed property databases that allow anyone to find unclaimed funds with a business or last name. The database can also be searched by using a street address, first name of the county or P.O. Box number.

How Do I Find Mississippi Unclaimed Money for Free?

The Mississippi State Treasury publishes a government-issued list of money that is not claimed which can be accessed via the website of the agency. Anyone who is interested may conduct free searches on the site to find money that is not claimed.

In addition, certain federal agencies which hold unclaimed funds offer free databases for residents looking to track down their lost money. The types of unclaimed funds and their custodial organizations are:

Undelivered Federal Tax Refund Checks

Mississippi citizens who feel that they ought to receive a tax refund from IRS could look up refunds in the IRS refunds database for the money. Most of the time, the IRS does not transfer tax returns when an individual changes their address. Instead, the IRS retains the information until the owner is able to claim it. If using the IRS website to look for funds that are not claimed, people have to submit their Social Security Number, filing status, as well as the amount they wish to receive.

Unclaimed Harmed Investors' Funds

The fund is under the control of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It's intended to compensate investors who have been the victims of losses due to securities fraud. Mississippi residents who have been victims of fraud in the securities industry can search the database of the commission to find unclaimed funds. They can also reach out to the commission using this email address:

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

100 F Street, North East

Washington, DC 20549

Phone: (202) 551-6551

Mortgage Insurance Refunds

The refunds come from Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guaranteed mortgages. Individuals are able to search in the Housing and Urban Development Department's (HUD) unclaimed refunds database to locate the funds that were lost due to cancelled premiums and distribution share payments. The homeowners or their attorneys are also able to contact the department to request their funds that are not claimed. Contact information is listed below.

451 7th Street South West

Washington, DC 20410

Phone: (800) 697-6967


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How to Claim Unclaimed Money in Mississippi

People who discover lost funds using the Mississippi Treasury's unclaimed Property search tool can choose between two ways to retrieve the money.


If you discover an unclaimed account using the Treasury's search engine and then clicking"That's Me. "That's Me" button to start submitting their claim. The online claims process typically involves entering certain identifying details on a form online and sending this form back to Treasury.


In contrast, a person may submit a claim form by post to the Treasury of the State. Here are the steps:

  • Print, fill out and notarize the not-claimed property claim form.
  • Send the completed form to the address below:

Office of the State Treasurer

Unclaimed Property Division

P.O. Box 138

Jackson, MS 39205

The documents that need to be included in the form of claim are noted on the form. The documents that must be sent are:

  • Photo identification cards, such as an I.D. card, driver's licence, passport or military identification card or any other government-issued card
  • Evidence that you have a social security number
  • A legal document that shows changes in the name (if necessary). For instance, the marriage certificate.
  • The proof of the address disclosed to the State
  • A death certificate and will/obituary/affidavit of death if the owner of the money or asset (or their heir) is deceased.

Anyone with further questions about the Mississippi claims process can contact the Unclaimed Property Division by phone at (601) 359-3534 or email at

How Long Does It Take to Get Unclaimed Money in Mississippi?

It can take between eight and ten months for Mississippi Unclaimed Property Division to investigate a claim, provided that the department is provided with all the supporting documents. The timeframe could be extended when the claimant is unable to submit the necessary documentation.

Additionally, the time frame of time that one can claim the money that is not claimed in Mississippi can also differ based on the kind of money. According to the state Treasury, claims that involve stock securities could be subject to a longer processing time.

Who Can Claim Unclaimed Money From Deceased Relatives in Mississippi?

In Mississippi in Mississippi, heirs, survivors, family members, as well as executors and executors appointed by the court, are among those who are entitled to claim the unclaimed funds from deceased persons. However, all claimants must provide supporting documents in order to file the claim. The documents usually provide the identity of the applicant, prove the demise of the owner who is rightfully entitled to it and establish the claimant's relationship with the deceased.

What Happens to Mississippi Unclaimed Money if No One Claims It?

The money that is not claimed that is in Mississippi will remain in the custody of the state government for the rest of its life. The government guards the funds until a legal owner makes an appropriate claim. If that happens and the claim is valid, it is the responsibility of the Mississippi Unclaimed Property Division will release the amount plus any interest accrued.

Can Someone in Mississippi Claim Unclaimed Money From Another State?

Yes. People who are currently in Mississippi, however, who have money in another state, are more likely to be able to claim unclaimed property or money in the respective states. The individuals must make a claim for the unclaimed funds in their respective states based on the process that the official custodian has specified.

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