The Undeniable Truth About Your Fairy Tale Marriage

The Undeniable Truth About Your Fairy Tale Marriage

There are at least 3 perceptions of marriage and each one has a small glimpse of reality for most couples. The first perception of marriage is that it's meant to be. The second perception of marriage Victoriahearts is that it's too hard. The third perception of marriage is that it won't last. The undeniable truth about your marriage is that it's a mix of all of those perceptions and more.

Unless you were fortunate enough to have your marriage arranged for you, you made a choice. Out of the thousands or millions of people who have crossed your path you chose one. There is no doubt that you were meant to marry your spouse right? Let's face it. Who else gave you goose bumps by grabbing your hand or calling you late at night? The infatuation that turned into love could only happen to two individuals meant to be together.

Well, at least during the early stages of your relationship that was most likely your perception. You like the rest of us had on rose colored glasses. If your spouse or you had any imperfections they were covered up by love or lust. Then after a while, reality set in.

The Undeniable Truth About Your Fairy Tale Marriage

The second perception about your marriage is that it's hard. Couples spend so much time fighting for the marriage they think they should have they miss out on the marriage they have. Instead of looking at the glass as half full and enjoying the drink they focus on the empty review  half of the glass. Sometimes instead of being frustrated over what is missing from your marriage you have to appreciate what you have.

There is no denying that marriage is complicated at times. However, it's really what you make of it. You can spend all of your time and energy working against each other or working with each other. If you want your marriage to not be so difficult, try to find some common areas where you can enjoy each other and be at peace. If you can just give more compliments than insults your marriage will be better.

In my opinion marriage really isn't hard. You just have to be wise with your choices. Choose to be kind. Choose to refrain from being negative and sarcastic. Refuse to judge your spouse before understanding facts and motives. Keep your relationship bond tight enough that no outsider can break it. Perhaps your relationship will bend but if you make the right choices it will never break.

The final perception about marriage is that it won't last. You will often hear about the increasing rate of divorce. I bet you know a family member or friend who has been divorced. Perhaps you yourself are in your second or third marriage. Guess what? None of that has a hill of beans to do with your marriage and your future. If you make the right choices, your fairy tale marriage can end happily ever after. If every marriage in the world fails it has nothing to do with you. Keep your focus on your spouse and your marriage and you will be better off.

The truth about your marriage is that it can be hard and great at the same time. Most great accomplishments are the end result of hard work. Your marriage is a great accomplishment and thus requires work. The reward is well worth it.


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