Thermal Imaging Will Become A New Partner For Mobile Phones

Thermal Imaging Will Become A New Partner For Mobile Phones
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Thermal Imaging Will Become A New Partner For Mobile Phones


Smartphones have a new partner: thermal imaging devices. At present, the thermal sensor image of the smartphone, which sells for more than 300 US dollars, as an accessory, the appearance is similar to the mobile phone case, and when loaded on the smartphone, it can illuminate the surrounding thermal sensing scene.


Thermal imaging equipment, manufactured by Flir Systems, is priced at $349. It is installed on the back end of the smartphone, and can display the thermal response of surrounding people, animals or various other objects to the user through the imaging system of the smartphone.


The device uses the latest sensing technology. Gabor Fulop, an expert in the field of thermal induction imaging, said: The further improvement of device sensing and imaging technology will have an epoch-making impact on many industries. He predicts that by 2022, the market potential of this technology is as high as 4 billion US dollars. Of course, as a product, there is still a lot of room for its price to fall, especially in the process of commercialization. Improvements in the core chip allow the technology to be directly embedded in smartphones without adding expensive external costs.


The commercialization of this technology has just started, and at the current price, it will take time for it to be accepted by the majority of consumers. Many start-up companies in the United States are working to improve the efficiency of product production, so as to try to reduce the price to less than 100 US dollars. One of them is Seek Thermal, a California-based startup that has raised $30 million in funding and has technically broken through the resolution of imaging up to 32,000 thermal pixels. Company CEO Robert Acker said that the widespread application of this technology is of epoch-making significance. From the inspection of important industries such as military and construction, to helping plumbers to check blockages and assisting people to drive at night. Although a Wall Street Journal commentator joked that the current use of the device is still filled with abstract selfies, or to help housewives find pets hiding behind cabinets, but this does not hinder the technology's influence Go viral socially.


"Perspective eyes" is no longer a special skill in science fiction. Through thermal induction imaging technology, everyone can see "essence" through phenomena. In the medical field, doctors can use thermal imaging to determine the fever of patients; public transportation places can also use it to detect the physical condition of passengers to determine whether they are carrying dangerous goods or spreading infectious agents such as SARS; even kindergarten teachers Induction imaging can be used to determine whether children have symptoms such as fever and cold. Construction field: Property management can be used to check the water pipes of the building, manage the internal power grid wiring, and check the rodents and insects in the walls; firefighters can use it to detect fire sources or rescue trapped people. Areas of life: Thermal imaging can help both inspecting food, cooking. In the access control area, thermal imaging thermometers are installed on the half height turnstile to detect people with abnormal body temperature. At present, the hottest function is driving at night. Both Mercedes-Benz and Audi have in-vehicle thermal sensing and imaging systems, which are used to detect pedestrians in heavy fog or at night...


The promotion of thermal induction imaging technology has a considerable positive effect on the development of various industries. Its intelligent future is worth looking forward to.

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