Things Everyone Should Know About Kitchen Islands

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29 December 2023

When it comes to Chilliwack kitchen home improvement or renovation, one trend that is topping the list is an island kitchen top. It is a great way to transform the way you use and enjoy the busiest area in your house. The least an island countertop would do is add some extra storage space and a counter right when you need them. Often outfitted with appliances and fixtures, similar to a sink and cooktop or stools for dining, a kitchen island can become the hub for your daily activities. These features of the utility are the reason why modern builders and designers are inclined towards adding an island. Furthermore, it adds more bang for your buck than just about any other kitchen upgrade.

The cost of a kitchen island will depend upon a lot of factors. While the freestanding worktables or rolling carts will cost a little less, the islands made with stock cabinetry and countertops would be a bit pricey. You need to determine your requirements and usage to find out the actual cost of an island kitchen top.

The size of the kitchen island

We build homes as per our requirements and every small or big thing that we want to add to our home depends upon our usage. Similarly, when we want to decide on the size of the kitchen island, we should know our requirements. An island should be big enough to meet your needs, should look proportional within the kitchen, and have ample pathways around its perimeter. For smaller kitchens, a workable trolley or rolling cart may be a good choice rather than going for a built-in.

If you own a larger kitchen space, you have the liberty to build the ideal island kitchen you always dreamt of. In such cases, you can seek help from professional interior designers and discover the right ways to build an island kitchen top.

When you are building an island kitchen, you must keep a few things in mind. Here is what you must look for.

* A working island – It is a furniture piece designed after vintage worktables and they often have open drawers and shelves. They feature a see-through design that takes up less space but you cannot hide things here.

* A storage island – As the name suggests, it is a basic free-standing island offering counter as well as cabinet space without the expense of major appliances. If you have open shelves, you can store cookbooks and other display items.

* A prep-and-wash island – Adding a sink to the island will make it ideal for washing hands and food during bartending for parties. To maximize counter space, you can tuck your bar into the corner.

* A dining island – You can think about an overhanging counter for casual eating needs for diners to scoot chairs back, for seating, etc.

* A cooking island – This is the most functional one. A cooktop on an island brings the chef to the limelight. This way he or she can keep an eye on every action happening in the kitchen.

Kitchens should have the most storage and functionality. If you are looking for Chilliwack kitchen home improvement or bathroom home improvement in Chilliwack, reach out to us.

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