Things We Learned from China’s Success- The Emerging SuperPower

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In recent times and events, it has become clear that China has managed to stay on top and in the race to become the next global superpower. The country’s dynamics are more challenging to understand and define. A global economic powerhouse has transformed its complexity into a great success. China has experienced and overcome many extreme-level problems whether geopolitical or economic over the past four decades. Their GDP has become the world’s second-largest, it contributes 30% to the world economy and is officially known to have no poverty rate by 2020.

China’s accomplishments were made possible largely because of the Chinese people’s determination, hard-working skills, and brilliant minds. But how it is achievable? Well, the comprised factors that point straight toward success are diligence, wisdom, and an innovative mind.

Chinese people are proven to be diligent and have a strong belief system, which enables the thought that a person can be happy with one’s effort and choices. Their people have contributed to the country’s infrastructure, high-rise well-designed buildings, high-speed trams, organized public spaces, and airports. They are now building huge stadiums, healthcare institutes, and educational institutes, locally and overseas. Their mindset towards money is impressive, they don’t fear working and give long hours. Their children are trained to learn scientific and technical things very early in life. The country stands tall in the second number which has the most billionaires in the world. Their mindset and the power of diligence and readiness to tackle any difficulty is the fundamental reason why China has achieved so much. 

Chinese people never lack wisdom, especially in times of reform and opening up. China which once was an ancient civilization, contributed the four great inventions to the world, has made its mark on the world of IT, technology, and AI. They lead the space program and integrate the world’s fastest railway system, Huawei 5G Technologies are a few of the examples that lead their position in the world.

Lastly, China has evolved in a great way, its history and culture determines its blaze a new development path. Their innovative ways of introducing high-tech software and development are considerably important and impressive. They are making waves in different sectors, manufacturing resources, employing and training AI-intensive warehouses. China will continue to innovate and keep developing itself to reach a new level.

China’s success was not achieved by exploiting and undermining any other country but by their compassion and love for their country. Chinese people are inclined towards maintaining their standards while respecting other people’s efforts and contributions. They have a sense of good nature, understanding, belief, and cooperation. The people should not be affected by the progress but learn about their faith, determination, love for their country, and potential to a new level.

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