Things you might need as a Real Estate Agent 

Things you might need as a Real Estate Agent 
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As a real estate agent, you must be prepared for everything and everything, just like Mary Poppins. Being at peak real estate preparation, on the other hand, goes well beyond that!

After all, you're in and out of the office all day, visiting properties that may or may not be unoccupied or in distant locations - anything might happen!

Here's a list of things that every agent should have on hand (and a few things that are just plain nice to have).


Breath Mints

You KNOW that after a short garlicky lunch at The Olive Garden (come on, endless soup, salad, and breadsticks? Yes, your next customer will undoubtedly be a close talker. Keep mints on hand to prevent you and your partner from inhaling in your garlic-scented exhalations — and this works both ways. You won't have to breathe in their old guy coffee breath if you share them with the close talker.

Phone Charger 

One of Newton's Laws is that a phone in need is a dead phone. This is obviously a nightmare because you require that phone for phoning, messaging, building a mobile hotspot, and (let's be honest) playing round after round of Candy Crush while you wait for your folks to arrive. Always have an additional charger on hand. Extra points if you keep an external battery as well.

Marketing Materials

You'll want to maintain the correct marketing materials available, from business cards to Branded Booklets (seen below - from The Lighter Side of Real Estate, of course). Look professional by having the materials you require when you require them.


Did you realise that dirty appliances are one of the most significant turn-offs for buyers? Spotty mirrors are also a pain. You don't have to scrub the entire property, but a few swipes here and there may make a big difference in a buyer's initial impression.

Magic eraser

Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser is a fantastic product. Do you want to see if stains can be removed from a bathroom sink? Eraser of Magic. While you were in another room, your buyer's son drew on the wall. Eraser of Magic. Is there a bothersome neighbor who won't stop talking? Eraser of Magic. OK, so it won't fix that final problem, but it will solve almost everything else, so have one on hand.


A multi-tool is a glorified Swiss Army knife. Choose wisely, and you may never want to leave the house without it again! You'll be ready to MacGuyver in just about any circumstance with tools including pliers, a saw, wire cutters, and more.

Towels for the hands

Paper towels are convenient, but velvety hand towels are far better! If you have an empty property to show, this minor detail may make a tremendous impact.

Executive Homes Realty Inc. Brokerage

In suburbia, not every home is on a tidy, quiet street. In your role as a real estate warrior, you may be asked to visit homes in a variety of settings and situations. You'll be ready for anything if you have these items close at hand. For more exciting house locations contact Executive Homes Realty Inc., real estate brokerages in Mississauga, and visit the most sought-after houses at the best market prices.

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