TiAlN Coated End Mills are Built to Last

TiAlN Coated End Mills are Built to Last
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When it comes to milling cutters, high impact forces can quickly wear them out. Fatigue on your end mills and drill bits, especially when cutting harder materials like steel and cast iron, can damage their cutting edges, especially at high speeds. Using TiAlN coated end mills is one of the best ways to keep your tools running for longer periods of time.

Titanium aluminum nitride, abbreviated TiAlN, is a metastable hard coating material used in a variety of cutting tools. This material is extremely tough, even tougher than tungsten carbide and high-speed steel alloys. This means that it will protect your precision tools' fine cutting edges from the extreme fatigue of machining.

These tools are treated using special methods to avoid the thickness of the coating being an issue. The majority of fine tool coatings are applied using a technique known as physical vapor deposition. The TiAlN coating is vaporized in a vacuum chamber that contains the tools that need to be coated. The coating then returns to its solid state, bonding directly to the surfaces in the chamber including the cutting tool's surfaces.

This process ensures that no bubbles or gaps form between the tool material and the coating material as the coating is applied. TiAlN coated end mills have a lower coefficient of friction in addition to being harder than the tool material. This means they cause less friction when they come into contact with your workpiece. Less friction equals less heat and greater efficiency.

Increased Lifespan
A variety of factors contribute to tool lifespan reduction. Cutting speed, tool material, workpiece material, machine type, and cooling systems are all examples of this. A TiAlN coated end mill can provide ten times the tool life of an uncoated tool. TiAlN has become one of the most prevalent tool coating materials due to its increased efficiency.

TiAlN coated tools are ideal for a variety of jobs that would endanger other tools. Coated tools, particularly those made of carbide, are an excellent choice for high-speed machining. This is due to the fact that carbide derives its cutting power from ceramic tungsten carbide, a material with high heat resistance. To make the raw material from which carbide tools are made, the powdered ceramic is cemented together with a binding metal.

Carbide is nearly twice as strong and twice as rigid as steel alloy tools, making it an excellent material for end mill construction. Solid carbide cutting tools, when combined with a TiAlN coating, can operate at extremely high speeds and feeds without being damaged by the resulting high temperatures. If you want to avoid the hassle of frequent tool replacements when machining ferrous materials like steel or cast iron, TiAlN coated end mills are a must.

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