TikTok vs. YouTube: Which Platform Should You Choose?

TikTok vs. YouTube: Which Platform Should You Choose?
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22 September 2022

Are you looking to choose between youtube and TikTok? Well, marketers should always be super conscious when looking to choose their marketing platform. So, we have some stats to help you find the right one for your brand. You can read about TikTok vs. YouTube platforms.

We will discuss an overview of the two platforms, their content types, and their financial stats. These stats and other information will be the perfect knowledge you need to have to choose between the two. At the end of the article, you will have everything you need to choose between the two.

TikTok Vs. YouTube, An Overview

 If you are looking to find out which one of the two will be helpful for your content, you can try to read this information. You can find the one that perfectly meets your needs for the type of content you may get results with.

Tiktok content is mostly 30 seconds long, and the maximum length of videos here is 10 minutes. The creators on this platform are paid with a creator fund. On the other hand, youtube pays with the ad money it earns from creators’ content.

Tiktok has around monthly active users of 1.4 billion. On the other hand, YouTube stands at 2.5 billion monthly active users. Youtube has various styles and lengths of content, and third-party tools are used here.

Tiktok has more in-built tools that make things easier for creators on this platform. So, youtube users would use third-party tools to craft their videos. On the other hand, recommendations and subscriptions are the two types of suggestions triggers that work for the two channels.

 Youtube stands higher with 70 percent of internet users in 2022. If you wish to offer fast videos, you can try using TikTok to deliver your message faster. At the same time, you should only be looking to use vertical formats if you use TikTok.

Your horizontal videos would not get better results on TikTok, but youtube works for both types. At the same time, YouTube is available on many smart TVs, and TikTok works best on phones. At the same time, YouTube use is best on PC devices.


Types of Content that Work Best For Them

 Every social platform has a particular content type that works best for them. Tiktok is most famous for less than one-minute-long videos that work well for going viral too. So, its videos are more to the point and have brief content.

 On the other hand, youtube videos are more lengthy and have a wider variety of content. The average length of this platform’s videos is around 10 minutes. Some creators would make similar youtube videos on TikTok. At the same time, both allow the use of live streaming.

Youtube focuses on subscriptions for content suggestions, while TikTok has a quick video delivery algorithm and UI.


Financial Stats For YouTube

 The money and financial stats of YouTube show its ability to get more results for certain types of platforms. So, it is the second most used website on the internet. It will have 28.8 billion dollars in revenue in 2021.

The video platform is the primary source of video consumption for 78 percent of internet users. It is also said that 89 percent of household users with over 100 k income use YouTube.

This stat shows your potential to reach them to improve your money stream. At the same time, its enormous growth can improve how your content is seen. More users on the platform mean people are more likely to buy overall.

So, it had a 30 % growth in the past year of 2021. The money creators get here is also massive, so Mr beast is the person who got revenue of 54 million in the year 2021. He tops the chart of YouTube income on the platform.

Youtube has 50 million subscribers in the premium version, which shows that users are more likely to use the platform.


Tiktok Financial Stats

 TikTok is an excellent place for marketers to use and earn, so its financial stats would also be a big deal. 14 % agree that they spend more on TikTok than any other platform. The platform is known for having a great organic reach which improves your chances to take it as a great platform for more potential to sell.

The platform has an increase of 142 percent per year and reached 4.6 billion in revenue in 2021. Its downloads broke all records in the COVID years and beat many huge applications.

 At the same time, it offers more than 50 percent of users between 10 to 29 years of age. Fifty-seven percent of its users are females, which is a huge thing you should remember when choosing between the two.


Growth Services

 Using tiktok and youtube depends on several factors, including the type of content you wish to feature. So, make sure you understand the dynamics and orientations of the two. Still, there are ways around just working hard to build a significant following on either of them.

So, you can buy tiktok followers to build credibility that offers results for your marketing.


Final Thoughts

 We discussed some top differences between TikTok and YouTube that make them so versatile. The financial stats, overview, and content differences offer so many opportunities for marketers. So, make sure you know these points before choosing between the two for better reach.

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