Tips For Better Actor Headshots

Tips For Better Actor Headshots
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One of the most crucial tools you have to market yourself is a headshot, and it's the most important tool for actors. Just because many people want to save money, they do it wrong.

If you don't take yourself seriously as an actor, how will the director take you as his cast? You want the director to avoid seeing your headshot and being like bring that person in.

I like them instead of the director saying they should skip that person cause the headshot scares them.

Below are 7 tips for better actor headshots according to a top pros.

    1. Go to a professional

If you want your headshot to be perfect, then the best place to go is to a professional because they are trained and have sophisticated equipment. It's the best place to print headshots because of the equipment used, and your headshot will have better quality. If you want a fantastic headshot, you must be willing to spend money because this person is trained, knows how to light people, and does this as a source of income to feed their family, not like those untrained photographers with a nice camera and knows nothing about photography. Many people take poor headshots because they want to spend less money.

    2. Pick personality over glamour

When you go for a headshot, you have to pick personality over glamour because it won't be good to appear in front of the director, and your headshot looks much younger, and you look older in person. No need for glamour shots. Just be You, you headshot is representing you and like the saying first impression matters a lot. Don't be embarrassed of your wrinkles or what ever condition you find yourself, just be You and be proud of who you are.

    3. Natural or studio light

Both studio and natural light are both incredible, and some photographers will have the skill and knowledge about both. But it depends on the kind of actor you are, of course natural light gives a real film look and studio light tends to be polished. If you are an sitcom actor them studio light will be perfect for you and if you are actor who wants to play the role of a detective then natural light will be a great choice.

    4. The lighting, background and composition matters

To get a top-notch headshot they must be good lighting ,composure and background. Look directly into the camera and the focus should be at the centre of your eyes, on the clothe, your hair or your ear. The camera should be of high quality because it will make you stand out. 

    5. Clothing and pros 

You don't need to go extra miles like wearing fancy jewerries or expensive clothes because you want to go for a headshot. Because you want to go for the role of a pilot or a naval officer you now where the uniform for your headshot, well it wul reduce your chances of getting the role. Just be simple and classic while following the normal format. 

    6. No need to apply tons of makeup

Headshots don't need tons of makeup like styling your hair etc. The goal is to looking natural like you do on your best day, many people apply much makeup and at the end of the day they dont get exactly what they want. That's why you should opt for a photographer able to connect with you because it shows you are comfortable. It will eventually show when the photographer print the actor headshots.

    7. It's all about the eyes 

Always remember it's about the eyes and what's happening behind them. Your eyes should be focused, energized, and alive. It shouldn't be dead and glazed over. There should be strong inner thoughts, implying a backstory and a life behind the eyes. A good headshot photographer knows how to bring this out in you.


If you are serious about getting a better headshot, follow the tips above, and you'll be amazed by the outcome.

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