Tips for Capturing Stunning Wildlife Photography on a Kenya Safari

The chance to enjoy holidays in Kenya is a rare occurrence in one's lifetime, yet it undeniably stands out as one of the most thrilling experiences. This sentiment is amplified when you embark on a Kenya wildlife tour, allowing you to encounter some of the most magnificent creatures on Earth, including the renowned Big Five, set against picturesque landscapes and stunning lakes.

Tips for Capturing Stunning Wildlife Photography on a Kenya Safari

Talking about picturesque scenes, capturing exceptional photographs of the wilderness is an art and serves as one of the finest methods to reminisce about your Africa Kenya Safari adventure. Keeping that in mind, here are some wildlife photography tips for your upcoming Kenya tour.

Tip #1: Ensure that Your Equipment is in Perfect Condition

The importance of having all your gear during a safari cannot be emphasized enough, especially when aiming to capture a range of diverse shots that may necessitate various lenses. Opting for a suitable camera bag is a prudent investment, ensuring that all your essentials are easily accessible and comfortable to carry. In your camera bag, make sure to include:

  • Camera body
  • Various lenses with lens caps
  • Memory card
  • Extra battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • Cables for immediate transfer to your laptop or tablet
  • Camera cleaning equipment

Tip #2: Familiarize Yourself With Your Equipment

The reality is that the truly captivating, action-packed moments in wildlife photography typically endure for an average of 5 to 20 seconds. Hence, if you are not inherently familiar with the settings of your camera or the capabilities of the chosen lens, you might either miss or poorly capture the images you manage to shoot.

Tip #3: Capture Wider Angles

Many photographers become fixated on the focal length of their lenses to the extent that having the longest or biggest lens becomes an obsession. It's essential to remember that the appropriate lens size depends on the location, and in certain vast open spaces on your Africa Kenya safari, you might need more than a 600 mm lens just to capture any shot at all.

The obsession with getting as close as possible to the animals can be counterproductive, as it isolates the animals entirely from their environment, resulting in a shot that doesn't appear natural. By capturing shots at wider angles, you can provide the viewer with a better sense of where the photo was taken and where the subject thrives in the wild.

Tip #4: Capture Images Without Flash And In Silent Mode

It is advisable to shoot without using flash and in silent mode to avoid startling the animals. The optimal approach involves blending in by employing silent mode to minimize shutter noise and refraining from using flash.

Tip #5: Select The Right Camera For Wildlife Photography

Selecting the right camera for your wildlife photography primarily depends on two factors: the camera's durability and weight. Dealing with a hefty load of gear or struggling to change lenses while wildlife moves around you is an experience best avoided. Moreover, the safari vehicle often traverses bumpy terrain in Kenya's wildlife as you search for animals. It is crucial to have a camera that is not only comfortable for you but can also endure dust, motion, and bumps while inside the safari vehicle.   

Tip #6: Practice and Keep Patience

The crucial principle in wildlife photography revolves around timing, requiring the skill of knowing when to wait and precisely when to capture the moment for a great shot. Wildlife seldom approaches closely, and some days may have fewer animal sightings than others. Wildlife photographers often invest hours waiting for the ideal shots. Before embarking on a safari, practice capturing images of moving subjects, such as your pets. This way, when the perfect photo opportunity arises, you'll be adept at acting swiftly to maximize your shot.

Final Words

Are you prepared for your Africa Kenya safari? Commence your Kenya safari holiday preparations today by reaching out to African Memorable Safaris. They will guide you through the available options, allowing you to select the ideal itinerary for your journey.


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