Tips To Consider When Installing Wheelchair Lifts

Tips To Consider When Installing Wheelchair Lifts
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24 February 2023

When you first begin your search for home accessibility solutions, it may seem impossible to navigate. Wheelchair lifts, in particular, can range from simple platform lifts to luxury installations that truly transform your home, but as a consumer, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you and your situation. We've put together a guide on what to look for and consider when selecting a wheelchair lift to assist you in your decision.

The type of lift -

Vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts are available. Vertical platform lifts are used to overcome height differences ranging from two to twelve feet, both inside and outside the home. They don't need their own machine room. Inclined platform lifts, on the other hand, use a metal track that runs the entire length of the stairs, and the wheelchair user is carried up the stairs on a platform attached to the metal track.

Determine the lifting height.

Indoor wheelchair lift installation requires measuring the ceiling height and floor height of your buildings in order to determine the lifting height. In the case of outdoor installation, you should directly measure the vertical height of the stairs or the floor height to determine the lifting height. Any errors will cause installation issues or failures.


When determining the appropriate size for your wheelchair lift, you must consider two major factors: the size of the wheelchair and the available space in your home. The lift's cabin or platform must accommodate the width and length of your wheelchair, and in some cases, you may want to leave more room for additional passengers to travel with you.

Save installation space.

Enough installation space and a proper location are critical to the future operation of a wheelchair lift, as it is difficult to adjust or change the installation site once it has been installed. A perfect location that is convenient for wheelchair users' access will ease their way to higher floors.

The wheelchair lift is designed to be user-friendly.

The wheelchair lift platform should be designed with two major factors in mind: the wheelchair structure and easy access to the platform. Check to see if the platform size matches the wheelchair size and structure before placing an order. Additionally, more space on the platform should be reserved to adjust the direction of the wheelchair during the lifting and lowering process.

User-friendly operation and control

Wheelchair lift users are a distinct group with varying degrees of disability. As a result, user-centered operation and simple control methods are essential for their pleasant experience. Designs that necessitate a high level of dexterity and strength to enter the platform or operate the wheelchair lift are not suitable.


Top wheelchair lift models include premium safety features and simple controls to ensure safe and convenient floor-to-floor access. When purchasing one, look for features such as an emergency brake system, under-pan obstruction sensors, a non-skid platform, keyed, constant pressure controls on the platform, an audio-visual alarm, and an automatic self-lowering folding ramp.

Load capacity 

Select a wheelchair lift with a high load capacity. Top wheelchair lift models have a load capacity of 500-750 lbs.


Before purchasing a device, compare features and prices to ensure that it meets your specific needs and budget. The cost of your platform lift will be determined by the configuration and options you select.

Select the Best Dealer

When purchasing a wheelchair lift, make sure you do so from a licenced dealer. With a reputable dealer, you can expect competitive pricing as well as prompt installation and maintenance services to keep your mobility equipment in top working order at all times.


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