Tips to Select Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil

Tips to Select Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil
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08 September 2022

Eye makeup is a crucial to weave in complete a look. Specially talking about the role of an eyebrow pencil, it becomes crucial to use the right shade as per your skin tone to ensure that your eye makeup looks striking. As one of the most affordable and striking inclusions in your eye makeup kit is the all new LA Colors Eyeliner & Brow Pencil. On to your hunt for the next eyebrow pencil which can also work as a seamless eyeliner, you must consider the following steps:

  • Low oil pencil: This is a perfect pick to impart a full hair look on your brows. With a soft shade added on the top and underneath the brow, it offers a slight shadow of color offering a natural look to them.
  • Keep away from skin: Best is to avoid applying the pencil on the skin which otherwise makes its application obvious. Remember, you must apply LA Colors Eyeliner & Brow Pencil to enhance your existing shape and not fetch attention on the patches that are missing.
  • Feathered look: In order to impart a feathered look on your eyebrows, try styling these and brushing the brow hair upward and outward at the same time. This will look natural and fuller when brushed vertically up and down.
  • Use brow gel: With respect to the selection of a color in the gel, use the same shade as your brows or go for a shade darker. Softer eyebrow pencil will work in case you want to own a natural and mellow look.

Tips to Select Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil

  • Avoid using hair color: It is one of the disastrous approaches in coloring the eyebrow wherein one uses at-home box color. Since hair color kits are harsh and have high peroxide levels, these have a tendency of burning the skin under the brows. This often leaves the eye sore or red and can cause a burning sensation.
  • Do not over-tweeze: The main purpose of brows is to protect the eyes and impart the right frame to your face. So, it is always advised to use safe and high quality products such as LA Colors Eyeliner & Brow Pencil. Eyebrows when shaped and defined perfectly can help in exuding confidence by filling in any sparse spots within the arches without making it obvious.
  • Brow mascara: For a step ahead, pick a brow mascara that has fibers and imparts appearance of a fuller brow. This fiber-filled brow gel spares you the fuss of creating tiny, hair-like strokes using a brow pencil, and create beautiful brows using the fibers that work on the arches to conceal the spots.
  • Use brow pomade: This product keeps the arches in place without making them appear flaky, starched or crunchy. This is perfect to attain that groomed un-groomed look, without adding color but also keep the brows coiffed.

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