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In the internet age, you'll be irrelevant and outdated if you’re not updated with the latest version of news and the hottest trends worldwide. And the same applies to your website as well. Also, there is a wide variety of news and information sources, and segregating the most trustworthy and authentic source of information can be a time taking and enduring task. 

Thus the traditional and trusted RSS feeds come to your rescue. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Adding an RSS feeds widget on your website has multiple benefits. Some of the key advantages are mentioned below.  

Benefits of Embedding RSS feeds on your Website:-

These are the highlighted benefits of embedding RSS feeds on your website. These below-mentioned points will help our readers understand the importance of RSS widget for website.

  • Adds information quotient: 

As RSS feeds are majorly concerned and concentrated around information and the latest news, it goes without saying that they will boost your website’s information. They make it more intriguing and appealing to news enthusiasts. 

  • Moderates bounce rates:

RSS feeds on your website are the easiest way to manage and moderate your website’s bounce rates effectively. Bounce rates in layman’s language is the average time any website visitor explores the website or jumps back! 

  • Makes website lively:

RSS feeds on your website makes your website more lively and attractive. And when website visitors come across a website that is updated with latest news and trending topics thay are tempted and hooked to it which eventually increases the website traffic.  

 Amazing Tools to Embed RSS Widget on your Website:-

We have handpicked a few amazing social media aggregator tools that our readers can use to embed desired RSS feeds on their websites and make it more engaging and engrossing for the website visitors.

  • RSS Feeds aggregator by Tagembed:

First social media aggregator that tops our list of suggestions is the RSS Feeds aggregator presented by Tagembed.the tool is built in a manner that the user’s experience is convenient and hassle-free. The tool is very reliable and trustworthy amongst the website enthusiasts. 

Tagemebed provides a dedicated widget for embedding RSS feeds which can be altered and adjusted according to the needs and preferences of the  user. 

The user can save a lot of time and money by opting for this aggregator tool. Also the tool is uniquely coding-free which makes it easy and accessible by many users. The tool enables the users to gather and curate the desired feeds and embed them on their websites.

The aggregation tool also provides a range of features that help in beautifying the widget and making it more attractive. The features also include a profanity filter and auto update of the widget which ensures only updated and relevant content goes on the website and the unnecessary ones kept aside. 

  • WP RSS Aggregator: 

The next social media aggregator tool on our list is the WP RSS Aggregator tool. This is a  unique and amazing tool. Effective in embedding the RSS feeds on your website seamlessly. The tool has offered a wide range of styling options , layouts and templates that will help in enhancing the look and feel of the website . Though RSS feeds are mostly about  information and knowledgeable feeds, altering the fonts and styles will eventually help in improving the overall design of the website. 

The selected feeds can be showcased anywhere on the website and multiple news feeds can be collected in a single widget.

  • RSS Feeds Aggregator by Feedzy:

Last tool we would suggest to our readers is very useful and optimal is RSS feed aggregator by Feedzy. This is a popular and powerful tool which enables the user to embed and display the desired and vivid content from all across the internet domain. As the tool is advanced and new- age the embedding process turns out to be a cake walk!  Like the other tools mentioned above this tool also offers various styling and designing set ups  in fonts, themes and layouts. The free trial version of the tool is feasible and does not hinder in the speed and quality of the website.

 In essence:- 

The jist of the article is that embedding RSS feeds on your webpage nowadays can help you drive the desired traffic on to your website.The information quotient of the website assists in  holding and grasping the attention span of the new and existing website visitors. Thus we have suggested a few effective and feasible social media aggregator tool for our readers to embed RSS feeds on their websites conveniently.


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