Top 10 Features that you must know regarding Best Smartphones Nairobi

Top 10 Features that you must know regarding Best Smartphones Nairobi
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There is no doubt that every user wants a different feature in their smartphone. There are some features that will not be very important to you as others and Gadgets Africa is here to talk about the most important features that a good smartphone has. Best Smartphones Nairobi aims to take your business to the next level with the help of Gadgets Africa.

Features that you must know regarding Best Smartphones Nairobi


When it comes to the best smartphone platforms, there are three wide choices: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Android and iOS are the most popular ones and Windows Phone slowly begins to grab a remarkable share within the market. iOS gets used over every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  New and innovative apps make their debuts on this platform on a regular basis. Android is indeed taking over the mobile landscape. The open-source platform appeals to massive smartphones ranging from small, three-inch devices to massive smartphones with screens well over six inches in size. It offers the best integration with Google’s Services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive and hangouts, and much more. Best Smartphones Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs Helps to cater to your business worldwide.


One of the biggest Android strengths is the huge variety of hardware. The powerful android phones have massive screens. Virtual Keyboards come up a long way in the terms of accuracy and speed. It comes up with predictive features, making the lack of a hardware keyboard a non-issue for most people. Multiple of the Best Smartphones Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs available today feature virtual keywords.

Appealing Design

 This turns out to be a subjective matter and may vary from person to person however importantly, is a necessary factor. The phone needs to be well-built and look good. A good mobile phone must be lightweight and small. While trying to purchase your next mobile phone, you need to make sure that it may easily be put into your pocket without much trouble. It must be portable so that it is easy for your cell phone to get lost. Best Smartphones Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs Is one such easy device to use.

Good Battery

The Best Smartphones Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs also has a good battery. Phones with stronger batteries may last days and a battery is a very necessary feature one looks for smartphones. Since more people complain about the battery drainage problem, it is necessary to take this factor into consideration prior to making the purchase. You must read out online reviews to get an insight into the durability of the phone’s battery.

A better user Experience

Another quality of the Best Smartphone is its ease of use. It must not take hours to locate your camera or gallery. The overall experience of using a smartphone must be well optimized or bug-free. It must also contain quality applications and a firmware version to make it easy for the users to use external files.

Screen Size and Resolution

With a plethora of smartphones that flood the market, it is necessary to consider the factors that are most comfortable for you. Today, there are multiple big phones available in the market and you need to make sure that the smartphone you buy is comfortable to hold and relatively lightweight. A huge screen enables one to see much more and is ideal for the elderly and those with vision problems. Screen resolution is the number of pixels on the screen and while buying a phone make sure the display has a resolution of 1280 through 720 or higher. Now, one requires making the choice between LCD and AMOLED Screens. LCD Screens have a slight benefit over AMOLED because of accuracy and brightness.


These days, the camera is one of the most cherished features. As the craze for pictures and selfies is over high, the requirement to select the right camera phone becomes increasingly necessary. You need to look at online reviews of the phone’s camera and view sample photos taken with the phone’s camera. You must look at sample videos of the smartphones too.

Software Features

Additionally to the hardware features, one requires to consider software features too. The newest and latest phones must have the latest and most productive features. Check out the video demonstrations of the features and watch how these features work. You must access your requirements and make sure that they benefit you and make you more productive.

Memory and Processing Power

Owing to the increasing competition, manufacturers stuff more and more memory and processor cores into smartphones. The device must offer good value for money and provide a satisfactory experience. It must have enough features to do your important tasks.


Last but not the least, here comes the most important factor which is Accessories. They really enhance the functionality of mobile phones.  On the other hand, mid-range devices are also good choices when you desire to save money and buy good accessories.


With a lot of features to look around, almost every phone falls short in one area or the other. You must determine your budget, and the features you desire, and then shortlist the phones.  As the reviews get unbiased and trustworthy, they help you land the smartphone of your choice. To get the best android phones, you really require to do some research before spending your valuable money. Be sure to consider the above features while making the purchase. You need to ensure that you get the Best Smartphones Nairobi, Nairobi Tech Blogs. You can also read about Best Washing Machines Nairobi from Gadgets Africa.


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