Top 10 Horror Movies of India

Top 10 Horror Movies of India
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08 November 2023

10. Stree (2018)

The Stree is a manifestation of the collective fear and misogyny of the town. She is a powerful and vengeful spirit who targets men who are disrespectful to women. The film can be seen as a commentary on the dangers of sexism and the importance of respecting women.

9. Krishna Cottage (2004)

The Krishna Cottage is haunted by the vengeful spirits of the people who were killed there by the previous owner. The film explores the themes of guilt, revenge, and the power of the past.

8. Haunted – 3D (2011)

The house in Haunted – 3D is haunted by the restless spirit of a woman who was murdered there. The film explores the themes of grief, loss, and the power of love.

7. Ghost Stories (2020)

The four short stories in Ghost Stories are all interconnected and explore different themes related to fear, guilt, and the supernatural. The film can be seen as a meditation on the nature of fear and the human condition.

6. Pari (2018)

Pari is a supernatural creature who is both feared and revered by the villagers who live near her. The film explores the themes of faith, superstition, and the power of love. here is the list of Top 10 Horror Movies of India

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