Top 10 ideas in 2023 how to Earn Money Online : Earn up to 85,000/month : part-3

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How to earn money online in 2023

MoneyMaveric is presenting to you of top 10 ideas on how to earn money online.

As a student, housewife, intern and job seeker we always feel to have some money to spend them for our little wishes. Many students want to pay their own school or college fees, some housewives wish to buy some products for their need, many interns wishes to buy a laptop/computer for their studies. However, we don’t always have these pocket money to fulfil our little wishes. So MoneyMaveric is presenting to you of top 10 ideas on how to earn money online.

8. Be an online Policy Insurance seller :

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At the present time, the insurance policy has become a very essential part of our life. Basic meaning of an insurance is to save your all properties from the upcoming unexpected dangers. To be simple, insurance is a financial deal between a insurance selling company and a normal person.

There are mainly 7 types of insurance available on market. These are – General insurance, life insurance, crop insurance, car insurance, business insurance, health insurance, home insurance. In a insurance the person signs a agreement paper with the insurance company with a yearly premium fees. In exchange to that, the company pays the recovery amount when the signed person get hurt or any of his property gets harmed.

More or less, most people in this generation knows little bit about insurance.

The platform – Policy Boss

Policy Boss is a such type of platform which offers you a part time online work from home freelancing job as a policy insurance seller. It is an outstanding part time online work from home job for housewives, students, businessmen, job professionals anybody as you don’t need to put a large effort and time here. Also this job can be done with your smartphone.

Note – the company will provide you proper training for this seller job.

In this online job you are fully your own boss. You decide your work hour, time schedule and load amount. Here you just have to suggest the insurance of the company to random people and sell them. As soon as the customer buys the insurance from you, you will be given a certain percentage of commission from the company.

Policy Boss offers car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance and many more. Also they have Aditya Birla, Tata, SBI, Kotak as their business partners. Thus you will get the opportunity to suggest your customer a lot of insurances among the variations. This increases the chance for you to sell the customer more policy insurance.

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