Top 3 Pet Dental Health Tips for Optimal Oral Hygiene

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27 October 2023

Top 3 Pet Dental Health Tips for Optimal Oral Hygiene

Dental health of a pet is given the least priority and many times it is been neglected. Taking care of your pet’s oral health is the most essential part to keep them healthy and happy. Not only dogs, but cats equally are highly susceptible of dental diseases in lack of proper oral hygiene. Dental health problems, at the large scale can be avoided by using dental chews, treats and regular vet visits. Dental chews and treats are specially designed to keep your dog or cat’s teeth healthy and clean. Apart from this, regular checkups and dental procedures like cleaning and scaling also ensure that your dog or cat doesn’t develop any major dental problems.


Dogs and cats enjoy chews, and it not only savor their taste glands but also help them maintain their dental care. There are numerous delicious chews available on the market and these dental chews, made of meat, help your dog enjoy the meat flavor, without the effect of digestive and oral hygiene problems. When your dog chews the tasty food item, it will clean their teeth. These chews easily scrub the surface of the pet’s teeth and remove plaque or tartar buildup.


There are specially designed dental treats, which are exclusively used for keeping dog and cat’s teeth clean. These treats not only cleanse pet’s teeth but also provide additional nutrients for total wellbeing. These treats can even be substituted with the everyday snack option, which will be a healthy snack replacement. Greenies dental treats are the best option that work both as a snack and dental cleaner. Greenies are available for both dogs and cats. These treats are uniquely designed having a texture surface that aids to clean your pet’s teeth. As the pets chew these treats, the specially designed texture removes plaque, and cleans your pet’s teeth as they chew it. These treats are made up of 50% protein, which helps to maintain optimal weight and other ingredients present in the treat helps prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

Dental Check-ups

Vet visit for dental check-up is an essential regime to follow for a good oral health. Normally, pet owners ignore this due to lack of time or vet bills. But, neglecting the most important aspect of your pet’s body may put your furry pal at a risk of some dangerous diseases caused due to lack of oral hygiene. Therefore, regular dental check-ups will put your pet on the radar to prevent any forthcoming dental issue. Additionally, a dental checkup can help to uncover, treat and prevent any oral health conditions before they get worst.

Usually, pet owners are not aware that sometimes, their pet may have a cavity, fractured tooth or gum disease. Regular dental check-ups of your dog or cat will bring forth such conditions and help to treat and resolve them before it may become worst to handle. Furthermore, daily cleaning of your pet’s mouth, at the largest, can control a lot of dental diseases.

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