Top 5 file converters online

Top 5 file converters online
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27 December 2022

Everyday life necessitates using various file types, each of which serves a unique function. Since PDF documents are more organized and safe than other document forms, they are commonly used for professional and work-related papers. PDF files cannot be edited or modified without being converted to another file format. There are several online PDF to other format converters to convert files online, but not all are reliable. This post will look at the five most popular and user-friendly file converters available today., accessible at, ranks high among the best file converters we've tested. As the word "free" in the "free" converter implies, this program was released to the public in 2018. is unlike other file converters in that it does not require a subscription or paid membership after allowing you to convert a small number of files for free. Everyone who wishes to use our services can do so without cost.

In addition to converting documents, images, videos, ebooks, and archives, this program is among the best in the industry. If you do the math, you'll find that there are more than 1500 different translations you may do. With support for 70+ formats, the document conversion makes it easy to switch between file types in a flash.


LightPDF is the best option for a free online PDF file converter. As its name implies, it is the most reliable method for changing PDFs. This online converter works with the most popular web browsers. Its rapid rate of transformation is what puts it in the first place. Additionally, unlike most free converters, your converted file will not be watermarked.

This tool's support for various languages, including Chinese, Finnish, English, Danish, etc., is a significant plus.


You can also use Zamzar, another great web-based application for converting files. The process of converting an audio file to a video or a PDF to a word document is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes.

Choosing which files to convert is the sole step in using this web-based service. This online converter tool has a dedicated support staff you can reach out to if you run into any issues. There's a 10-minute time limit on the platform's conversion promise.

  • Using this method, you may organize your files in a single mailbox.
  • Facilitated use
  • Accepts URIs for redirection
  • Over 1200 file types can be read and written.

Because it is web-based and compatible with all browsers, there's no need for the user to download any software to use this free conversion tool. The app gets high marks for security. 


You may quickly and easily convert audio, photos, movies, and other files into the format of your choice using FileZigZag, one of the best online converter for files currently available. However, if you want to convert your file, you'll need to enter your email address.

  • It's a program that works with electronic mail.
  • Send the converted files to the cloud.
  • Exceptional levels of service and assistance for customers
  • You'll get an email with a download link for the converted files once the conversion is finished. It's a popular option due to its fast convergence rate.


Even though there is a vast list of online converters, it cannot be easy to find the right one for your needs. However, only a minority can genuinely be considered excellent. To name just one, CONVERTIO is included. This is because it supports more than two thousand file formats for conversion. Despite its valuable extras like OCR and support for many file types, this is a premium service that comes at a price.

This program allows for eight distinct types of input files. However, this program supports 13 particular fonts, so converting files containing a variety of fonts is a breeze.


For some, juggling many file types is a significant headache. This is because they may be in a dire predicament if they need the necessary equipment. This is why several instruments are employed. Though there are many options for facilitating file conversion, we've provided you with the five best converters in this article. All the programs were not limited to a particular file type; thus, you could use them with various file types. Your understanding of the best free online file converters has improved. In light of this information, you can decide which online converter is ideal for you.

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    When it comes to files, you may find yourself in need of a versatile converter that can handle a variety of formats. That's where CoolUtils comes in. With their intuitive interface and many options for conversion, you can easily convert your files from one format to another. Whether you need to convert an image file to a different format or convert a document to a different file type, has got you covered. With regular updates and improvements, you can trust that this converter will always be up-to-date and ready to meet your file conversion needs.

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