Top 5 free cloud-based digital signage software

Top 5 free cloud-based digital signage software

With digital transformation and the introduction of digital technology for marketing and advertising, there is a noticeable astonishing change when it comes to the business operations. Cloud signage players are a type of digital signage software that allows businesses to create and manage dynamic digital displays using a web browser, without the need for local installation. Since the system is hosted in the cloud, the user can access from any location from any device with the help of an internet connection. These signage players offer a range of features such as ability to schedule & publish content, track analytics and remotely control displays. Digital signage helps businesses to deliver personalized messages, boost visibility, gain customers attention and many more.

Cloud based signage solutions can be more useful when it comes to businesses with several locations or remote teams. The content can be updated and managed easily which can be accessed from any device, anywhere with the help of an internet connection. Cloud-based software may be quickly scaled up or down as necessary, making it a flexible choice for organizations whose demands for digital signs may change over time. Cloud based signage solutions can be used in many displays and can be more economical. Today you may notice that there are so many options to choose from. These are the top 5 cloud based digital signage software which you can utilize for free.


 Anthias is an open source cloud signage solution which can display multiple content types in 1080p Full HD resolution. The user interface is friendly where users can easily manage and schedule content with the help of the internet without worrying to have any physical installations. Anthias runs on Raspberry Pi hardware and this offers all the basic features. The same company provides another solution named Screenly which is a bit more advanced than Anthias.

Anthias solution is completely free and the user can find the open source code in Github.


This open-source platform which facilitates businesses to create and manage digital displays with the help of an internet connection and a browser. Concerto offers a range of tools for scheduling and publishing. It also includes analytics and reporting features. Users need to have a web server to manage the content which should be able to run on Ruby or Rails applications and should have a database such as MySQL, SQLite, etc. Concerto is still in the active development stage which gets updated regularly.


Concerto solution is also freely available where users can modify the code or distribute it by anyone. This solution is developed and maintained by a community of volunteers.

Top 5 free cloud-based digital signage software

Signage Space

The user does not need any hardware, a server to manage or any complicated software. The user can download the Signage Space Player app and manage the displays with the help of the smartphone. Signage Space allows the users to make changes, transfer playlist to displays and manage the content in real time. Signage Space is one of the best and most user friendly cloud signage solutions in the market. Signage Space allows the user to setup on any TV screen.

Signage Space does not have a standard pricing officially. The user can reach their customer service and can get a quote for the requirements which gives more flexibility and the best value. Another advantage is that Signage Space provides a free plan to the customers to help them out.

Top 5 free cloud-based digital signage software


It offers a range of features and capabilities, including scheduling and publishing, analytics and reporting, and support for a range of devices. SignageTube comes with a library of pre-designed templates and a user-friendly playlist editor, unlimited playlist creation and automatic video rendering. Another advantage is that SignageTube backs up the content daily and creates a log when media is displayed. The users can go with an unlimited number of screens as long as the subscription plan supports it.

SignageTube is a subscription based service where the pricing plan depends on the number of displays and the features. However they provide a free basic plan with limited features where the users can explore and get to know more about the product.

Top 5 free cloud-based digital signage software


 XOGO is also another better solution where the users can centrally manage everything under one app. XOGO supports a range of devices, including displays, smart TVs, standalone media players, tablets, and smartphones, making it easy to manage and update digital signage content from any device. XOGO application can be downloaded in many platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome based devices and Fire TV devices. This solution supports many media types and is designed to be used for less technically exposed individuals and offers a range of support and documentation resources to help the users.

XOGO offers a free plan with very limited features & options unlike others and offers a subscription based plan which unlocks many features and the ability to set up on multiple displays.

Top 5 free cloud-based digital signage software

Different cloud signage solutions come up with different features. Overall, these free

cloud-based digital signage software options offer businesses a variety of tools and features for creating and managing dynamic digital displays. Even though there are free options which usually have certain limitations, these can be considered as a good starting point if your business wants to expand and try the paid alternatives in future. Cloud signage solutions can help businesses to save time and money by removing the need for local installation and maintenance and make arrangements for easy management and updates from any location with the help of an internet connection.

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