Top 5 Smart Contract Development Companies

Top 5 Smart Contract Development Companies
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Smart contracts are the solutions for enterprises looking for alternatives to traditional contracts. Smart contracts are agreements in computer programs that execute themselves automatically. Their ability to simplify business and trade between anonymous and identified parties without a middleman makes them popular. However, finding one of the right smart contract development companies takes time and effort.

For your convenience, we've thoroughly researched and curated a comprehensive list of the top smart contract companies on certain criteria. Explore the entire list in this article.

Our Selection Criteria for Smart Contract Development Companies

Before we outline all the top smart contract development companies, it is essential to understand how we came up with this list. We analyzed firms based on the following criteria:

Technical Proficiency

Smart contract development requires knowledge and skills in blockchain technology and programming languages like Solidity. Our selection process involved a thorough analysis of smart contract development companies, assessing their proficiency through portfolio evaluation, experience across blockchain platforms, and comprehensive security knowledge.

Research and Development (R&D)

R&D enables businesses to identify the most appropriate for project execution. It enhances the cost-effectiveness, performance, and security of the overall project. Our selected smart contract development companies invest significant time and resources in understanding emerging technologies and trends in the smart contract space.

Post-launch Support

Timely upgrades and troubleshooting ensure that smart contracts remain efficient, secure, and compliant with emerging industry standards and trends. Therefore, we selected companies that offer post-launch support, maintenance, and updates to their clients. The company's values of dependability, responsiveness, and flexibility are reflected in this continuing collaboration.

Top 5 Smart Contract Development Companies

We have curated the following list of top 5 smart contract development companies:

Oodles Blockchain

Headquarters: Wyoming, USA

Oodles Blockchain showcases its unparalleled expertise in smart contract development through the successful completion of various smart contract projects. Their proven track record is a testament to their proficiency in delivering robust, secure, and innovative smart contract solutions tailored to diverse industry needs.

Oodles Blockchain offers custom smart contract development, deployment, and post-launch support at reasonable prices. Their dedicated R&D (research and development) department performs extensive research to create customized solutions that precisely match varied business needs.


Headquarters: Manhattan, NY

With a track record of innovation, Appinventiv stands out for its robust smart contract development. From token wallets to payment platforms, it offers custom smart contract solutions for diverse cases. The company has a client-focused approach that enables it to build scalable smart contracts that drive digital transformation. With regard to its smart contract development services, Appinventiv offers a plethora of benefits, such as certified proficiency and compliance-guaranteed goods.


Headquarters: California, USA

A leader in blockchain technology, Antier excels in crafting smart contracts that optimize operations. Its smart contract solutions ensure transparency and trust across decentralized systems. The firm creates a coherent roadmap to ensure smooth and accelerated development and deployment. Additionally, following the creation of smart contracts, Antier Solutions provides full support, including post-delivery services.


Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

Kellton offers end-to-end customized software solutions for smart contracts. The smart contract development company focuses on delivering quality solutions. Its smart contract-related services include design, development, audit, consulting, and optimization. The company offers an agile deployment methodology to improve products that are based on smart contracts. Kellton's experts navigate complex processes to deliver on time and within budget.


Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine

Blaize offers smart contract development services for diverse use cases, including DeFi (decentralized finance), trading bots, DEXs (decentralized exchanges), and more. Transparency, expertise, and creativity are the core values of Blaize. They enable the smart contract development firm to develop solutions that boost the efficiency, security, and service of their clients.


In conclusion, these top five smart contract development companies stand out for their exceptional expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Each company brings unique strengths to the table whether it's their technical prowess, track record of successful projects, or dedication to post-launch support. You can evaluate these industry leaders based on your project requirements and consider their comprehensive services. It will enable you to select the ideal partner for your smart contract solution with assurance.

If you are interested in developing a smart contract solution with Oodles, then connect with our smart contract developers today.

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