Top 5 Types Of Orders In Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Cryptocurrency trading is a valuable skill that is not typically taught in universities or colleges, but we provide the necessary education. Many traders make the mistake of sticking to traditional trading methods, despite the numerous trading options offered by cryptocurrency exchanges for a more fulfilling user experience. 

Stop-Loss Order

A Stop-Loss order is a tool that traders use to prevent big losses. It works like a limit order, where you set a specific price for an asset, but it doesn't show up in the order book. Instead, the exchange platform treats it as a market order and executes it when the price you set is reached. This helps protect traders from losing too much money.

Stop - Limit Order

A Stop-Limit Order is similar to a stop-loss order, but it allows you to specify both a stop price and a limit price. This means you can set a specific range of values within which you want to execute the order. For example, you can set a stop price of 9K USD and a limit price of 9100 USD for 1 USD.

One Cancels the Order (OCO)

This tool allows users to merge two orders and execute the one that benefits the market the most, while automatically canceling the other order. For instance, if the price of BTC is USD 30K, a trader can place both a buy order and a sell order. If the BTC price goes up, they can use the sell order, and if the price goes down, they can use the buy order.

Immediate or Cancel (IOC)

Users can cancel unfilled orders. For example, if you place an order for 20 BTC but only receive 10 BTC at the execution price, the remaining part of the order will be closed.

Kill or Fill Orders (FOK)

The Fill or Kill option allows traders to either complete their order right away or cancel it. For example, if a trader places an order for 20 BTC and only half of the order is filled within a specific timeframe, the entire order will be canceled.


There are numerous types of orders available on cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders must think creatively and utilize various order types to survive in the unpredictable cryptocurrency market. By delving deeper into these concepts, we will discover that cryptocurrency trading is not just a gamble, but requires thorough analysis. These lists of order types are not only beneficial for traders but also for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish their cryptocurrency exchange.

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