Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks We Bet You Did Not Know

Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks We Bet You Did Not Know
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you are an expert on WhatsApp. After all, it's reasonable to presume that you use the app at least once a day given that it has more than 2 billion users. However, there are always new features, methods, and tips to discover and apply with technology.

In this post, we'll go over some of the top WhatsApp tips and techniques that might help you use the app more effectively.

You Can Make Shortcuts For WhatsApp Conversations

Do you frequently message the same two or three individuals on WhatsApp? Wife? Boyfriend? A coworker?

If so, did you know that adding a chat shortcut on your device's home screen will simplify your experience? To create a WhatsApp shortcut for a chat, simply launch the app, choose the Chats tab, and long press the conversation.

Once the chat has been highlighted, select Add Chat shortcut from the pop-up menu by tapping Options (the three dots that are vertical in the top-right corner).

Eliminate WhatsApp Pictures From Your Library

Even while the WhatsApp sharing function is a fantastic tool, there are occasions when it may get grating, especially if you belong to a group that consistently sends hundreds of memes and jokes each week.

Those pictures may clutter up your library, take up crucial memory, and even be humiliating if they come across the wrong set of eyes.

If you go to Options > Chats > Chat Settings and switch the toggle next to Media visibility to Off, WhatsApp photographs won't get up in your phone's library.

You Can Also Lock WhatsApp For More Privacy

Do bunches of individuals utilize your telephone? Maybe your children use it to mess around or your associate purposes it to handle approaches to your benefit.

Fortunately, there is a method for locking WhatsApp and getting its items far from intrusive eyes. You used to have to introduce an outsider application, yet that is not true anymore. The usefulness is presently a local piece of WhatsApp; you can utilize your unique mark to get your inbox on Android or Contact ID or Face ID on iOS.

To set up the WhatsApp unique finger impression lock on Android, make a beeline for Additional choices > Settings > Record > Protection and look down to Finger impression lock. Slide the switch close to Open with a unique mark into the On position.

Assuming you're an iOS client, go to Settings > Record > Security > Screen Lock and turn on either Require Contact ID or Require Face ID.

View Hidden WhatsApp Status

Users of WhatsApp for Android and iOS may check their contacts' Statuses privately by turning off read receipts or viewing them when offline. To avoid reading the Status directly, users can alternatively check the secret WhatsApp Status folder on their phone.

Users of WhatsApp frequently disable read receipts to stop messaging multiple blue ticks. In the same vein, disabling read receipts enables users also to conceal their names from the Status view list. This is one of the most popular ways to view someone's hidden WhatsApp status without letting them know. Here’s how to stop WhatsApp from sending read receipts:

  •         On your iOS or Android smartphone, launch WhatsApp.
  •         By touching the menu dot in the top right corner, you may access the menu.
  •         Open Accounts by tapping Settings.
  •         Choose Privacy, then turn off read receipts.

Silent Irritating WhatsApp Chats

Consequently, you are included in a group that provides for family members or coworkers. It occasionally has its uses, but most of the time it's just meaningless chitchat about Barry's spreadsheets or Grandma's cat.

The other group members will take offense if you decide to leave. Why else wouldn't you want to be informed whenever your cousin sends a photo of her brand-new baby being "cute"?

Save your sanity by often muting conversations. Go to the chat you wish to mute, then select Mute from the More options menu. You can choose to mute it permanently, for a week, or eight hours each day.







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