Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PHP Development Company

Top 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PHP Development Company

You have decided to build a professional business website with PHP and are planning to hire the best PHP Development Company. But, before choosing any PHP developer, you must know what makes a company the right place to work. This should be a critical decision because it can help you select a solid candidate or a leading firm for your website development.

What Are the Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a PHP Developer for Your Next Project?

Here are the top 7 questions that you can ask before appointing any agency or a PHP Programmer.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have as a Leading PHP Development Company?

It is essential to know the work experience of the PHP Development Partner, especially if you want to develop custom and scalable web applications. It can help you meet your unique business needs.

Also, you can check the basic qualifications of the experts. They must have a degree in BSC/BCA/B.Tech/MCA/B.E in Computer Science or Equivalent. Additionally, a PHP developer must have a minimum of 3-4 years of experience and a maximum of over 15+ years of work experience.


At Impinge Solutions, we have about 17 years of experience in PHP and have a comprehensive understanding of several databases, frameworks and major modern web app technologies. We have our in-house team who has great command in MySQL, CakePHP, Git, PHPUnit, MVC Framework, CakePHP, Web Content Management, Ajax, JQuery, and many other skills that you are finding to handle your PHP projects. Hire us today and know more about us.

2. What Are the Various PHP Development Solutions the Company Can Offer?

PHP is a versatile solution, and it allows the development of a wide array of tailor-made PHP Development Solutions for your business. Some of the services that you can expect from the PHP Development Agency are Web Application Development, E-Commerce Development, SaaS (Cloud-based Web Application Development, Code Auditing, Web Services API Development and Integration, Code Auditing, Migration to PHP, and PHP Support & Maintenance Services.

3. Are You Good at Solving Development Issues?

Make sure PHP developers make common mistakes in PHP code that can consume too many hours. Some of the major technical issues that they create are as follows:

  • Leaving dangling array references after foreach loops.
  • Misunderstanding isset() behavior.
  • Facing difficulties while returning reference or value.
  • Performing queries in a loop.
  • Inefficiencies and headfakes in memory utilization.
  • Ignoring UTF-8/Unicode problems.
  • Predicting $_ POST will include your POST data.
  • Assuming that PHP supports a character data type.
  • Misusing empty().
  • Ignoring coding standards.

4. What Are Their Job Duties and Responsibilities?

Following are the job duties and responsibilities of a PHP specialist.

  • Write a well-designed and clean code.
  • Focus on specific requirements or detailed specifications.
  • Test, fix, and maintain the major product software and databases and get a guarantee for robust functionality and optimization.
  • Follow best practices for your industry.
  • Collaborate throughout the entire development process.
  • Create and implement additional features to make necessary tools and procedures easy.

The reason to check the work responsibilities of a PHP developer is to receive an indication that the candidate can multitask and has creative skills to meet your project’s expectations and needs.

5. How Do They Collaborate and Communicate?

The communication skills of a PHP Web Development Company should be good. In case of any issues in the communication process, it becomes difficult for you to manage your project from experts. Therefore, always check the way of talking or evaluate the communication culture before hiring and signing the contract with the vendor. Following are the interview questions that you can keep in mind while assessing communication skills:

  • Can the team be available to communicate over skype, e-mail, phone, or other communication channels?
  • What is your response time for queries? Can you make your response time faster or in case of an emergency?
  • Who will address my questions and who will be the point of contact for feedback and project-related concerns?

6. What Is Involved in the Development Cost?

Avoid those companies if their charges are double as per their competitors. The better way is to ask the company for the benefits that they can provide you in the development cost.

If you need a user-friendly website, let them know your requirements and discuss how they influence the functionality of your project. No need to impress with fancy elements.

Make sure your website should be compatible with mobile and various browsers. It should be accessible to all users.

The content of a website should be well-formatted and easy to read. The loading time should be faster, and the developers should have a thorough understanding of error handling.

7. Are They Offer Maintenance Services & What Will Be the Charges?

The developer you’re going to hire for website building should be confident enough to provide you with maintenance services because it would be challenging for you to address technical challenges, mainly if you don’t have knowledge about programming or don’t know anything about PHP.

Apart from that, you can face real security and data issues that require an experienced PHP developer to fix things. Other than this, don’t forget to ask the expert for charges to complete your project.

Understand the hidden costs and whether they can give you maintenance services under your budget or an extra investment will be needed to run your site at full capacity.

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